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In Ching-In and Cassie’s Family, Cultural Differences are Navigated in the Kitchen

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by Ching-In Chen and Cassie Nicholson

1. Making Dumplings (Ching-In)

We began our relationship by eating together.

Cassie courted me by offering to pick up extra goat milk from the raw milk farm. I made avocado and berry smoothies out of the produce I received as part of a year-round produce-buying cooperative my housing co-op participated in. She surprised me with homemade pie. Eventually, we were making lettuce wraps and vegetable stir-fry together a few times a week.

Sportz Shortz April 19, 2014

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Top Story

Photo Credit: Women's E-News

FIFA’s final approval on hijabs worn in play stands to broaden girls’ soccer participation throughout the Arab world. After a two-year trial period following the controversial disqualification of Iran’s female team in the 2011 Olympics, head coverings are now officially legal in international play.  Sahar Al Hawary, FIFA committee member, hopes the approval will encourage less adaptive countries to follow suit.

World Watch April 12, 2014

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Our Digest of Feminist World News and Opinion

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Photo Credit: Ennio Leanza/European Pressphoto AgencyBrandeis University reverses the decision to award an honorary degree to invited speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who until recently was among those selected to be honored at Brandeis’s 2014 commencement. A noted champion of women’s rights and outspoken opponent of genital mutilation, Ali is no stranger to controversy. Her forceful comments hurled at Islam have earned her plenty of scrutiny. Is her hostility toward the largest religion in the world justifiable? Other advocates, such as writer Aaminah “Jay” Khan, don’t find a contradiction in the label Feminist Muslim.

World Watch

Sportz Shortz

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