Big News! Ms. Fit is Evolving and Improving!

Written by Nicole Sankowski


Dear Ms. Fits,

Ms. Fit mag is two-and-a-half years old, and in those two-and-a-half years, we’ve had time to figure out what is awesome about this little feminist fitness magazine, and what is not quite so awesome. One thing we’ve learned is that the themed-issue based model, a holdover from print media, is limiting us from being able to publish whatever we want to publish, when we want to publish it. While we love the way that themes allow us to examine a given issue via many different experiences and interpretations, it also limits us from issue to issue by the quality and range of pitches we receive on any given subject.

Beginning immediately, Ms. Fit will be moving to a more fluid model of publication; presenting terrific content on an ongoing basis, as it becomes available. Not only will we no longer be limited by theme, this change allows us to be more immediately responsive to current events that are relevant to our readers.

In concert with these editorial changes, we are also undergoing a physical transformation. Our kick-ass design goddess, Nicole Sankowski, is currently in the act of redesigning the site – stay tuned as we launch our new look!

We are super excited about what we’ve accomplished so far, we are in love with all of the writers who have contributed their thoughtful and provocative essays to us, and we are looking forward to continuing to push the envelope with queer-friendly, body-positive feminist fitness and wellness. But our goal is not just to publish great content; it is foremost to foster a health and wellness community that is nothing short of radical – that radically reconsiders what it means to thrive – physically, mentally, emotionally – within our myriad intersecting identities and against a dominant culture that sells us out at every bend in the road.

Because in a world that continually tries to deny our strength and autonomy, being happy and healthy remain acts of feminist rebellion.


Stay Fierce from

Kathie and the rest of Team Ms. Fit,



About the author

Nicole Sankowski

I live in Oak Park, IL with my husband, Mike, and our 2 peeps, Mick and Chance. I've been a print & web designer for a million years and this is by far the most fun project I've done in a long time. I'm thoroughly excited to be working on a project like this with such smart, creative women. Kathie Bergquist and I used to be roommates and I'm hoping that one day she'll give me her goulash recipe. It's Fierce.

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