Back That Thing Up: Cyn Vargas Explores Pole Dancing as a Feminist Practice

Written by Cyn Vargas. Posted in Body Logic Features, Dance, Featured Posts, Fitness

We met for coffee at a shop just three blocks away. I could usually get there in less than two minutes, but on that particular Thursday, it was the longest three blocks of my life. I could hear my thighs eek with each step, and my muscles stretched like rubber bands that are then popped back into place. My arms swung back and forth like they normally do, but my upper body and my back hurt just even taking in a breath. It was the day after I took my first pole dancing class and though I was in pain, I felt pretty damn good.

The coffee shop was full, but I saw my friend near the window. I grabbed some coffee and winced as I made my way up onto the stool.

“You good?” He asked and I told him about the pole dance I had taken the night before. Told him through a smile while I stretched my arms over my head. This is how professional athletes must feel after a big game.

“It may be the feminist in me,” he said, “but that’s stupid.”

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Do You Need to Eat That?

Written by Ragen Chastain. Posted in Body Logic, Featured Posts, Fierce Fatness

Ah, the holidays. Time to give thanks, celebrate, and deal with three solid months of diet ads, articles, and tips “you’ve never heard before” (which you’ve totally heard before.) Like: eat a bowl of fiber cereal before a party. Or: don’t keep snacks around. All of it topped off by a visit from the food and fitness police, aka your family and friends. Because nothing says “happy holidays” like being humiliated by and in front of your nearest and dearest.

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I Did It! I Had a Preventative Double Masectomy

Written by zzz zzz. Posted in Body, Body Logic Features, I Did It! Readers Stories of Personal Triumph

by Krystin Tate

krystin tateI sat in a gray, windowless space, a room typically used to observe children with disabilities. It doubled as the setting of something life changing – receiving test results I wasn’t sure I wanted. But it was too late to run as the genetic counselor handed me a purple folder, a medical Pandora’s box. “The results are positive,” she said, confirming my worst fears.

What she didn’t say, but I knew with a sinking feeling, was that the positive results indicated that my risk of breast cancer was as high as 87%. Barely less than a sure thing.

Think about it this way: if you were boarding a plane with an 87% chance of crashing, would you pray for that 13% chance of safety or high-tail it out of there? It sounds easy, right? But what if it wasn’t a plane crash you feared? That’s what I had to ask myself when I tested for the BRCA2 mutation. Everyone carries the BRCA gene, which works as a tumor suppressor, but when it is mutated it greatly increases the risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Written by Rea Frey. Posted in Body Logic, Featured Posts, Power Up! Tips from a Trainer

What Should You Do if Your Partner Doesn’t Support Your Health Goals?

Frey prince charming

You know the drill: you want to eat healthy this week. You’re on track. You’re feeling good. And then you come home to an extra large pizza and a nice bottle of red just waiting for you to dive in. The weekend comes. You had plans—exercise classes to attend, errands to run—but your partner convinces you to curl up and watch movies instead.

While sometimes deferring the plan can be fun (and even a welcome distraction), if this happens too often it can derail your healthy plans and put a divide in your relationship. If you feel like you’re always compromising your healthy ways just to acquiesce to your partner’s more lackadaisical lifestyle, it might be time for an intervention (or at least a civil conversation.)

Jessica’s Blog: Breath, Drishti, Bandhas

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Body Logic, Jessica's Blog, Spirit, Yoga

Technique is Everything

Now’s a good time to explore the big three: three elements of Ashtanga yoga that are most important, more potent than the opening invocation or any of the poses—easily attainable or bat-shit impossible—in the Primary Series. In Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy, Gregor Maehle describes them as “the string that holds the beads [of poses] together to great a garland of yoga postures… For the beginner it is essential to learn these three fundamental techniques at the outset. Once they are mastered, the practice will happen almost effortlessly.”

So what are they, these three keys to the kingdom? The big three are the breath, the drishti, and the bandhas.

Yoga sun salutes

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