Ready, Set, Stretch: Mindful Stretching as the Main Event

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Body Logic Features, Featured Posts

Stretching is just not a precursor to “real” exercise, or a postgame formality. Stretching allows us to slow down and tune into our bodies in a way no other movement does.

You know you have to. The longer you put it off, the harder it will get. No, you can’t just skip it. Your mother tells you. Your doctor tells you. The internet tells you. Sometimes it seems like the world is telling you: stretch yourself before you wreck yourself. So how is it you’re here again?—exhausted, splayed out over the floor, resistance band cast off to the side and forgotten like the refuse from a dissipated storm.

Running Toward

Written by Bea Sullivan-Knoff. Posted in Body Logic Features, Featured Posts, Think Features

Making Peace with my Non-Passing Trans Body

bea sullivan knoff transgender runner

Recent Appellations from Strangers

  • “miss”
  • “sir”
  • “ma’am”
  • “he—she…”
  • “Are you in that cabaret show?”
  • “someone who’s doing something with gender”
  • “Is there a drag show going on right now?”
  • “DAMNNN”
  • “Is there a rehearsal going on for a drag show right now?”
  • “bro”

Living in a body that most people misgender by virtue of its physical properties (its pecs rather than breasts, the squareness of its jaw, that ever-peppering stubble) can be frustrating, to say the least.

I Believe in Body Hair

Written by Virginia Baker. Posted in Body Logic Features, Featured Posts, Think Features

Celebrating the Choice to Be Wild and Free

The first time I saw a woman with body hair, I was thirteen. She was my teacher for a summer creative writing class. As she stretched her arms above her head, I was transfixed by her curly black hairs. After that, I waited for her to do it again, because, wow, I’d never seen a woman with armpit hair before. Every so often, I’d sneak a peek at her leg hair. I thought I was being casual enough about it, but now that others pull the same move on me, I realize how obvious I must have been. She knew I was looking, the same way I know when others are looking at me.

 body hair, women's body hair, shaving

One Stroke at a Time One Breath at a Time

Written by Dina Elenbaas. Posted in Body Logic Features, Featured Posts, Fitness, Spirit, Think Features

Conquering Fear and Living in the Moment

racing anxiety, athletic anxiety, feminist fitness, managing anxiety, mindfulnessImagine it’s race day. You’ve been preparing for this for the last few months or longer. This is the day where you can show off all your hard work, maybe with your first race finish or a new personal best.

You should be excited, but instead your stomach is in knots. That little voice in your head, the one that loves to tell you how much you suck, is at it again. It’s whispering that you’re not as good as the people around you. It tells you that you’re going to finish dead last and be a laughingstock. It shouts that you’re not prepared.

The race starts, and as you begin to move, that little voice cries, “Look at all those people who are passing you!” Your knee twinges a little, and the voice starts in on how you’re not even going to be able to finish. You still have forever to go!

Does this sound familiar?

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