Meet a Ms. Fit: Amy and Hannah Pickle of Raw Girls Memphis

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Ms. Fit: Tell me about Raw Girls. What do you do?

Amy and Hannah Pickle of Raw Girls

Amy and Hannah Pickle of Raw Girls

Amy: Each week, we prepare a box of gourmet raw foods to be delivered to your door. All prepared simply, with local ingredients we source from local farmers in and around Memphis. In addition, we have a gourmet cold pressed juice business called: Raw Girls Juicy Cleanse, where we deliver cold pressed juices, super food smoothies, Chinese herbs, supplements and raw foods, all to support a healthy cleanse that folks won’t starve while participating in.

Ms. Fit: Let me know a little bit about who each of you are and your backgrounds.

Amy: I’m a passionate foodie who loves to work with local produce and make friends with local farmers. I attribute all that’s great about our food to the farmer. They are the ones cultivating the soil, and harvesting mineral rich produce that sustains us, as opposed to processed foods that deplete us. I base my entire menu each week on what I can find locally.

Chatting with Michelle Tea About Getting Pregnant and the Families We Create

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Ms. Fit Editor Marcia Talks to the Author and Mutha Publisher

michelle teaAbout two years ago writer, editor, activist, and counter-culture heroine Michelle Tea decided she wanted to get pregnant. Approaching 40, single and queer, she started chronicling her journey on Since then has met the love of her life, located the very best fabulous drag queen-sweetheart-volunteer sperm donor money can’t buy, navigated the labyrinths of the homophobic American healthcare system, and become Bob Villa to her own uterus while tackling fibroids, hormones, coffee reduction, IVF, and a rotating selection of vaginal discharge, among other challenges.

Currently, she and her gorgeous Dasheill are engaged, planning a wedding, preparing to implant Dashiell’s fertilized eggs in Michelle’s uterus, and hoping the odds get on board. Michelle has built it; will baby come? Recently Michelle launched in order to fill the void she saw for moms in alternative families—those who have experienced pregnancies or motherhood in ways that might fall outside of Leave it To Beaver. Ms. Fit editor Marcia Brenner spoke with Michelle about her journey and her thoughts on family.

Meet a Ms. Fit: Dianne Bondy!

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Dianne Bondy is a champion of yoga for everybody and every body.

bondy 2

The owner and chief operator of Eastside Yoga Studio in Windsor Ontario and host and teacher of various online yoga classes, Dianne believes that yoga is accessible for all of us. As a full-figured African-Canadian woman, Dianne wants to bring yoga to people who think yoga is only for young, skinny, straight white girls. She also wants to change society’s perception of what a yogi looks like and make yoga a more inclusive practice and culture for all of us.

Meet A Ms. Fit: Artist Riva Lehrer

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Riva Lehrer


Portrait artist Riva Lehrer’s groundbreaking work on identity and disability has been exhibited at such prestigious venues as the United Nations, National Women’s Art Museum and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Lehrer has been an invited lecturer throughout the United States and in Europe, and was the subject of the documentary Self-Preservation: The Art of Riva Lehrer. She is a professor of anatomy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Lehrer has Spina Bifida, a congenital disorder where part of the spinal cord is exposed through an unfused section of the backbone.

Ms. Fit chatted with Lehrer over Thai food in her cozy Chicago apartment. What follows are excerpts from that conversation and, because she’s really smart, we let her do most of the talking.

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