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In Ching-In and Cassie’s Family, Cultural Differences are Navigated in the Kitchen

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by Ching-In Chen and Cassie Nicholson

1. Making Dumplings (Ching-In)

We began our relationship by eating together.

Cassie courted me by offering to pick up extra goat milk from the raw milk farm. I made avocado and berry smoothies out of the produce I received as part of a year-round produce-buying cooperative my housing co-op participated in. She surprised me with homemade pie. Eventually, we were making lettuce wraps and vegetable stir-fry together a few times a week.

What Will She Eat? Being a Vegetarian Mom in an Omnivorous World

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When people say “tastes like chicken,” I don’t know what they’re talking about—though I do remember glaring at bites of it during dinner table stand-offs until Mom, frustrated, sent me to bed. When I was pregnant, then when our first daughter was born and solely nursing, my friends and relatives kept asking if I was going to “make” her become a vegetarian when she moved on to food.

Chatting with Michelle Tea About Getting Pregnant and the Families We Create

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Ms. Fit Editor Marcia Talks to the Author and Mutha Publisher

michelle teaAbout two years ago writer, editor, activist, and counter-culture heroine Michelle Tea decided she wanted to get pregnant. Approaching 40, single and queer, she started chronicling her journey on Since then has met the love of her life, located the very best fabulous drag queen-sweetheart-volunteer sperm donor money can’t buy, navigated the labyrinths of the homophobic American healthcare system, and become Bob Villa to her own uterus while tackling fibroids, hormones, coffee reduction, IVF, and a rotating selection of vaginal discharge, among other challenges.

Currently, she and her gorgeous Dasheill are engaged, planning a wedding, preparing to implant Dashiell’s fertilized eggs in Michelle’s uterus, and hoping the odds get on board. Michelle has built it; will baby come? Recently Michelle launched in order to fill the void she saw for moms in alternative families—those who have experienced pregnancies or motherhood in ways that might fall outside of Leave it To Beaver. Ms. Fit editor Marcia Brenner spoke with Michelle about her journey and her thoughts on family.

“Mommy, Is that a Girl or a Boy?”

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Talking to Your Kids about Transgender Identity

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There’s been a lot in the media recently about trans people, and odds are, your kids are listening. Whether this coverage is about transitioning (think Chelsea Manning) or celebrities (think Chaz Bono), our kids are growing up in a world where often they’re ahead of our own learning curve. Chances are, maybe they even know a trans child (who’s either stealth in this identity, or out as trans) who has socially transitioned at school. Precluding that your child may even be trans themselves (let’s save that for another time), today’s Ms. Fit parents need to know how to talk about these issues with our families.

Ditching the Play Date

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Finding Family Peace and Togetherness Through Spontaneous Fun


“You have to wiggle your butt to go faster.” My son demonstrates as we stand in front of our house on the uneven sidewalk. Sunday morning drivers—minivans, scooters, the occasional alley junk truck–slow down to see why a forty-something year old and a seven year old are making figure eights with their hips.

“Do you want to try again?” Nick asks when we finish his mini-lesson.

Not really, I think as I rub my bruised hip. Nevertheless, I take the ripstick from him. It’s a two-wheeled skateboard clearly designed by 14-year-olds with no parental input whatsoever.

“Just relax and kinda have fun. That’s how I do it,” he says, then stands back so I can steady myself on our white picket fence.

He is a far different person from who he was six months ago.

Then again, so am I.

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