World Watch, July 19, 2014

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 Our Digest of Feminist News and Opinion from Around the World

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High school student Jada, whose assault was recorded and went viral, courageously chose to take control by revealing her identity amidst a climate of mockery and hostility. Online, the recording was received by an unsettling barrage of ridicule from social media users. The atrocity of the brutalization and its aftermath offers us no answers, but does pose a question: when will we begin taking rape seriously?

World Watch July 5, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Columns, World Watch

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

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Resurgence of the Western media’s morbid fascination with sexual assault in India has sensationalized the country’s “deeply embedded rape culture.” However, the US and its European brethren have yet to resolve domestic sexual assault, and their statistics are just as disturbing as nations further east—in some cases, they’re far worse. When the luxury of distance results in hypocrisy, a human rights crisis is reduced to a news headline, and an entire culture becomes recognizable only by its lowest common denominator.

World Watch, June 21, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Columns, World Watch

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

PHOTOCREDIT Tara Todras-Whitehill

Eighty years after the 1934 ruling guaranteeing women’s suffrage and the right to run for office, Turkish women begin to emerge in local leadership positions. The recent materialization of these mayoral madams can largely be attributed to Turkey’s Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), the rising political affiliation known for its promotion of egalitarianism and female representation. Child bride survivor Berivan Kilic, co-mayor of Kocakoy, and others like her hope to push critical women’s issues to the forefront of the Turkish political agenda, in spite of international qualms.

Sportz Shortz, June 14, 2014

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Our Bi-weekly Digest of Women’s Sporting News

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The arrival of a mega sporting event, like this year’s World Cup in Brazil, is often shrouded by the stigma of exploitation, violence, and human rights concerns surrounding sex workers and the incoming surge of international fans. But updated research suggests that these claims are likely to be disproportionately exaggerated, and draw attention away from the very real problems of poverty, forced displacement, and police brutality toward citizens. Efforts to protect migrant sex workers can all too easily take a backseat to sensationalism and scandal.

World Watch June 7, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Columns, World Watch

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

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Actress and activist Laverne Cox is no stranger to adversity. Everything from dehumanizing questions about genitalia to alarmingly frequent acts of violence continue to plague those in the trans* community. The country is stuck in such a state of inequality and discrimination that even Cox’s triumph on the cover of Time could not be appreciated without inane objection in the form of misogynist propaganda.

World Watch

Sportz Shortz

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