World Watch: September 20, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in World Watch

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Top Story Dr. Gomperts PHOTOCREDIT Sarah Wong The New York Times - Copy

Top Story

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Web, has been pushing against anti-abortion legislation since her days aboard the ocean’s first mobile clinic. On a mission to reduce suffering, Gomperts took to the sea, providing women with vital healthcare information and safe, supervised abortions when they were otherwise unattainable. Now fully landlocked, Gomperts and her team are still supplying information and medication online. Their past ventures offer a haunting glimpse into what the U.S.’s female population can expect if recent restrictions on women’s health clinics continue at their current pace.

Female architects are finally being recognized as a global mainstay, after decades of misogyny-fueled oppression and discrimination.

World Watch August 16, 2014

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Our Bi-Weekly Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

 PHOTOCREDIT Christian Hartmann Reuters

Will feminists ever unanimously advocate on behalf of sex workers? While the freedom to choose the world’s oldest profession may inspire an avid discussion, it’s the keyword “choice” that conveys much of the problem. Women who opt to enter sex work are disproportionately outnumbered by those who are trafficked or exploited into the industry, a detail The Economist makes light of in a recent article focused on the “luxury” and “safety” of internet-based sex work.

World Watch August 9, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Columns, World Watch


Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

Photocredit ESPN Still

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith presses potential victims of domestic abuse to learn about “elements of provocation” in a panelist discussion on First Take, earning Smith a meager suspension, (almost as meager as the suspension doled out to Baltimore Ravens Running Back/Batterer Ray Rice) but it’s continuing the dialogue on the pervasiveness of victim-blaming.

World Watch, July 19, 2014

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Columns, World Watch

 Our Digest of Feminist News and Opinion from Around the World

PHOTOCREDIT Screen Shot from KHOU News

High school student Jada, whose assault was recorded and went viral, courageously chose to take control by revealing her identity amidst a climate of mockery and hostility. Online, the recording was received by an unsettling barrage of ridicule from social media users. The atrocity of the brutalization and its aftermath offers us no answers, but does pose a question: when will we begin taking rape seriously?

World Watch

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