We Did It So You Don’t Have To: Three-Day Cleanse

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The end of the year is a notorious time for over-taxing your system – overeating, eating poorly (dips, cheeseballs, cookies, eggnogs, anyone?) and over-imbibing. Between friends’ outings, family gatherings, and workplace celebrations, not to mention the stress of holiday shopping, it’s hard to maintain a balance, let alone squeezing in a workout here or there. The result is always the same: you end up feeling sluggish, bloated, erratic, and mentally and emotionally spent.

cleanse, juice cleanse, master cleanse, diet, New Years resolutions, lose weight, juice cleanse

That’s why, when I had the opportunity to try a three-day cleanse right between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, I jumped on it. Once committed, though, I began having second thoughts.

I Deserve to be Healthy: A Feminist Case for Quitting Smoking

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So a couple of years ago, my wife, Nikki, and I are at a party where we encounter a few friends we haven’t seen in a while. Conversation gets around to how we’d just run the Prague marathon, which our friends meet with the typical incredulity non-runners feel towards the willful madness of running 26.2 miles. A half hour later we’re all on the porch having a smoke.

quitting smoking “Oh my god,” one of the friends exclaim. “I can’t believe you smoke cigarettes and run marathons. I thought you were super healthy.” We laugh and shrug it off, “not that healthy.”

Why I Am Watching the Sochi Olympics

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Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson

When The Seattle Seahawks won the super bowl last Sunday, Fox News made a big deal about how it was the city’s first National Championship since the 1979 Super Sonics won the NBA finals. This didn’t sit well with members of the two-time (2003 and 2010) WNBA champs, The Seattle Storm. Lauren Jackson, three-time WNBA MVP and a member of both championship teams, called out the oversight on Twitter: “Minimalizing female achievement in sport… Again…”


Kathie’s Marathon Training Blog: Race Day!

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strong kathieNikki and I registered for the Chicago Marathon in February and began officially training for it in mid-June, and now, suddenly and as though no time had passed at all, it was October and the race was upon us. Were we ready? Well, I guess we were as ready as we ever would be.

We stayed downtown the night before the race because we live rather far from the downtown area and we had no interest in beginning our commute at 5:00 a.m. No. Thank. You. The day before the race we headed to the marathon expo to pick up our race packets, then had an early pasta dinner back at the hotel. We were in bed by 9:00 because that’s how we kick it.

Kathie’s Marathon Training Blog: Light Feet, Open Heart

Written by Kathie Bergquist. Posted in Kathie's Blog, Running/Walking/Hiking

Last night I had a marathon anxiety dream. Nikki and I arrived at the start up site, (which was inside some kind of dry walled warehouse place), and were brought to our starting corral. The race start lines were single file, and we were led to the way way way back. Our corral was the very last one and, in addition to Nikki and me, it consisted of about five or six white-haired grannies.

Ms. Fit, feminist fitness, marathon training, Chicago Marathon, Kathie Bergquist, running

Our starting corral. Not that any of these women couldn’t totally outrun me.

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