Editorial: Unpacking Michigan’s Chilling New “Rape Insurance” Law

Written by Marcia Brenner. Posted in Marcia's Blog, Think Features

Rape insurance, abortion rights, women's health“Prepare to be enraged,” a friend said, when I told her I hadn’t yet read all the details of Michigan’s newly passed “rape insurance” law.  When I got the basics—Michigan insurance companies would now only be able to cover abortions by offering a rider you paid extra for, and those still only covered in the case of incest, rape or endangerment of the mother’s life—I didn’t find myself enraged, just numb.

Marcia’s Blog: My First Century

Written by Marcia Brenner. Posted in Cycling, Marcia's Blog

There’s this movie, The Quick and the Dead, with Sharon Stone, that came out a number of years back. Sharon ends up in a showdown in cliché old west style with Gene Hackman who is some type of shooting savant, and just before they draw, he says, “You’re not fast enough for me!” and Sharon says, “Today I am.”

You can probably guess the end. Sorry if I ruined anything. It’s a pretty old film, but it’s also pretty standard in selling this idea: our body can summon superhero reserves when we really need and want them.

On Sunday, June 2nd I attempted my first Century, and my body said, “Not today.”

Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll

Marcia’s Blog: 24 Hour Countdown

Written by Marcia Brenner. Posted in Cycling, Marcia's Blog

century6:47pm, Saturday June 1st. We’re driving out to Woodstock, IL, where I’ll spend the night in order to be getting on the road about 24 hours from now. Rain is sheeting down, making visibility poor, and expected to continue off and on through the night. I’m hoping the roads will be dry by morning, or I’ll finally regret my stubborn refusal to have fenders put on Emmy because I just don’t like the look of them (right now my guys at Boulevard Bikes are shaking their heads sadly).

Marcia’s Blog: About My Butt

Written by Marcia Brenner. Posted in Cycling, Marcia's Blog

 (I think the following entry might be best read in the voice of Bill Cosby, but that’s just a suggestion.)

butts, bike butts

 People always ask about my butt. I suppose it makes sense, because folks who don’t cycle much usually decide to go do a long ride and then find they are sore afterwards. That’s natural, if you’re not on a bike seat regularly, and usually it just takes a few rides to get your keister used to riding again. But if you are riding long distances, there are a few added things you need to make sure of to eliminate pains in the nether regions.

Marcia’s Blog: Two If By Beer

Written by Marcia Brenner. Posted in Cycling, Marcia's Blog

May 25, 2013

century bike ride, biking, cycling. long distance cycling, Marcia Brenner

Marcia on her bike

Last week I put new tires on.  It had been a rougher training week than I anticipated; the weather made me put off my first 50-miler (fifteen minute break at the halfway). Then work and life bogged me down and I mainly was getting commute rides of fewer than ten miles in for a week. I decided I needed to add more long rides and did a second 50-miler.

 The first half of the ride was great, but my pace had lagged badly on the second half, and for the first time I was experiencing some soreness. I was stiff in my obliques and feet. I’ve been deciding on what footwear to go with the day of the Century, and thought I’d try wearing toe socks under Vibram toe shoes, thinking the double whammy would keep my feet nice and stretched. By mile 35 my pinky toes felt such pain I was having trouble peddling. I’m gonna stick with toe socks for the big day, but wearing my Merrell’s as I’ve had no issues on long rides with those.

 Although an hour of Pilates work took out the stiffness and soreness, for the first time I started to worry about how my body might react to a hundred miles. 

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