New Year’s Restolutions

Written by Dana Goldberg. Posted in Featured Posts, Funnies, Think, Think Features

Ms Fit Mag Restolutions

This Year, Vow to Take it Easy on Yourself

Welcome to 2013 ladies! I’m not sure I was quite ready for the New Year, but alas, it’s upon us.

I usually spend each January getting my game face on, thinking “This is it! This is going to be the year I stay on track, keep a workout schedule, eat right and get in shape. This will be the year I conquer that half marathon and get that flat stomach that’s been staring back at me from the vision board I created almost 11 months ago.”  Then by March I find myself sitting on the couch watching re-runs of the Biggest Loser having a carb load thinking, “Jillian Michaels is hot!”

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