Jessica’s Blog: Reflections on the Hump! Indie Porn Fest

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Jessica's Blog, Reviews

I went to this movie hoping to learn something: something about what porn is; why it might not be the soul-sucking, demoralizing agent of malevolence I thought it was; how people could use it in a way that might even be healthy. I went hoping to have my mind opened.

In this follow up to an earlier blog post, Ms. Fit editor Jess reports back on her experience of the Hump! Indie-porn festival, and her reflections as a feminist woman of color on the festival’s offerings.

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Fixing “What’s Wrong”: An Interview With Cris Mazza, author of Something Wrong With Her

Written by Liz Baudler. Posted in Featured Posts, Reviews, Sex

Cris Mazza

Cris Mazza

The title of Cris Mazza’s new memoir, Something Wrong with Her, refers, in part, to the condition of anaorgasma, the inability to achieve orgasm. But that’s only part of the picture.

In fact, there is a very short list of sexual experimentation that Mazza has ever actually enjoyed, and she knows what you’re thinking: in one of the book’s many subtitles, the term “sexual dysfunction” is crossed out, and “frigidity” is scrawled in. This was, after all, the age of sexual liberation, where women were supposed to be more in touch with their sexual selves than ever before. If a woman wasn’t getting it and loving it, there must be something wrong.

Review: Making Marriage Simple: 10 Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the One You Want

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Reviews

Making Marriage Simple by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD

Making marriage work, ms fit magazine, making marriage simpleAs a girl, I watched my parents fight and feared their divorce. I was often scared that their fights, silence, and unhappiness would lead to a fractured family. For better or worse, I’ve carried some of that fear into my own marriage. I enjoyed reading Making Marriage Simple. It’s a slim volume, a charming, self-effacing and utterly sincere book with tips and exercises to help couples communicate, handle conflict, and enjoy their relationships.

Making Marriage Simple is written by the couple who penned the famous Getting the Love You Want. Readers familiar with that book will recognize some of the principles and exercises in this book. I appreciated that this text wasn’t couched in a religious context. Hendrix has experience as a Baptist preacher, so I prepared for language like “wives, submit to your husbands; husbands, love your wives” and the “complementarian skill sets” which were a troubling part of my religious education.

Review: Betty Goes Vegan: 500 Classic Recipes for the Modern Family

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Eat Features, Reviews

betty goes vegan imageIn Betty Goes Vegan, Annie and Dan Shannon have set an admirable goal for themselves and their readers: to create a vegan cookbook full of recipes inspired by the 1950s edition of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book. Betty Crocker, who was created in 1921 by all-male staff of Gold Medal Flour, has come to represent the all-American wife and mother: a woman who could cook any dish impeccably, with a smile on her face. Maybe it’s a smile of pride for caring for her family; maybe it’s gratitude for her lithium prescription. Yes, Betty Crocker is dated—a white, heteronormative, middle class token of America—but she was the gold standard for cooking and homemaking for many women for decades.


Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Eat, Eat Features, Featured Posts, Reviews

main street veganMain Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World

Angela Davis, Thich Nhat Hanh, India.Arie, and Ellen DeGeneres: what do they all have in common? They’re vegans! Veganism is growing more prevalent in pop culture, but how does veganism work regular people? In Main Street Vegan, writer and vegan Victoria Moran breaks Veganism down into tasty bites that are easy to digest (food puns!). Released in April 2012, this part-lifestyle guide, part-cookbook, part-memoir includes an index; a bibliography of books about vegan weight loss, wellness and philosophy; resources about raising vegan children; and appendices of organizations, documentaries, and other resources. If you’re flirting with veganism, or wondering how to be a vegan without breaking the bank, make this book your first stop.

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