I Am Okay: Living in the Aftermath of Assault

Written by Taylor Crain. Posted in Body, Featured Posts, Heal, Spirit

I was office-bound the Friday, August morning that I locked eyes with a passerby on the opposite side of the street. Already the encounter was strange; it was rare for me to come across anyone on my route to work. He was young, younger than me maybe, a high school student even, with half of his braids coming undone. We did not politely look away from one another; I watched him until we passed out of each other’s periphery. There was something about the odd, unhurried way in which he went by—he looked as though he were purposeless. Like he was going nowhere.

Surviving assault, sexual assault, rape

Where he was going turned out to be directly behind me. After following for a few moments with an uneasy closeness I was finding more and more difficult to ignore, he struck out and tackled me to the ground, both of us falling in the grass and the brambles beside a railway viaduct.

First Response: Showing Compassion and Care to Assault Victims

Written by Lynne Marie Wanamaker. Posted in Body, Featured Posts, Spirit

One in five women will experience a completed rape in her lifetime; over three quarters of these assaults occur when the victim/survivor is 25 or younger. One in two women will experience a non-rape sexual assault. That makes sexual violence a silent commonality among adult women.


But despite the fact that most of us already know survivors of sexual violence–or are survivors ourselves–it can be hard to know how best to respond when someone discloses an incident of violation. This is partly because these violations occur in a realm that is so deeply personal. It can feel like we are intruding on the survivor’s privacy. It can feel shameful to imagine—or remember–ourselves in a similarly vulnerable or exposed condition. We want to look away.

I Did It: I Connected with a Community of Survivors and Hiked the Grand Canyon

Written by zzz zzz. Posted in Body, Featured Posts, I Did It! Readers Stories of Personal Triumph, Spirit

By Vanessa Spiller, as told to Rachel Friedman

It was a Tuesday. I was shaving in the shower when I felt a lump under my arm; it was hard and small, no bigger than a pea. After the doctor told me I had aggressive Stage 11B breast cancer which had metastasized to my lymph nodes, he said: “I know you feel like a bomb just went off and the pieces are flying around everywhere, landing all over you.” That was exactly right. Even harder than finding out that I had cancer was telling my two kids. They think you’re going to die. I was so angry that this disease had come along and changed all of our lives forever. I have never been more scared or felt more vulnerable.

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