Modified Diet, Modified Mindset: How Veganism Changed My Relationship with Food

Written by Stephanie Kuehnert. Posted in Body, Eat Features, Featured Posts, Spirit, Think

When people learn that I’ve been vegan for half of my life, they often ask why. “Is it political? Ethical? Environmental?” My response: “It’s personal.” This answer isn’t meant to be a cop-out; it’s actually an invitation to a longer conversation, my way of saying it’s more complex than one reason. It’s all of those things and more, and it is deeply rooted in a personal place.

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Jessica’s Blog: A Month of Ashtanga

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Jessica's Blog, Spirit, Yoga

Week Three Highlights

Day 17

yoga matI was depressed this morning on the mat. I sat with my head in my hands not really knowing what to do. I didn’t want to practice yoga. I didn’t want to do anything.

Then I remembered what Angela Jamison said about the practice: it’s always there. It’s there when you’re sick or sad or lonely, just like it’s there when you’re triumphant or jubilant. In that way, it’s kind of like a friend, like someone or something you commune with daily. I don’t know if it’s a comfort to you, but I suppose it’s a kind of touchstone, one thing in our lives that isn’t variable.

Jessica’s Blog: Breath, Drishti, Bandhas

Written by Jessica Young. Posted in Body Logic, Jessica's Blog, Spirit, Yoga

Technique is Everything

Now’s a good time to explore the big three: three elements of Ashtanga yoga that are most important, more potent than the opening invocation or any of the poses—easily attainable or bat-shit impossible—in the Primary Series. In Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy, Gregor Maehle describes them as “the string that holds the beads [of poses] together to great a garland of yoga postures… For the beginner it is essential to learn these three fundamental techniques at the outset. Once they are mastered, the practice will happen almost effortlessly.”

So what are they, these three keys to the kingdom? The big three are the breath, the drishti, and the bandhas.

Yoga sun salutes

I Did It: I Joined Taekwondo

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By Jaime Lintott

The problem is, I have Social Anxiety Disorder and as I get older, it gets worse, I get worse.

Prior to me joining Taekwondo, my life consisted Gilmore Girls reruns and a bag of Smartfood. The older I get the harder it’s become to get away with hiding in my room. I’m going to be 30 soon. I know this isn’t old but I also know that it’s old enough to have collected some pretty bad habits and really bad coping mechanisms, which, for me, mostly consisted of hiding or running scared.

Then, this past December, I watched Taekwondo at my local YMCA and fell in love.

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