Bottoms Up! The Ins and Out of Anal Sex

Written by Searah Deysach. Posted in Featured Posts, Sex Features

Ah Anal Sex, the subject of so much fear, interest, excitement, and questions; the “butt” of many jokes and the source of lots of anxiety. For some, it is a nice thing they do for their partner, for others, it is something they work hard to avoid and for many, it is a whole buttload of fun.

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I get it, anal sex is a big fat turn off for many folks and that is cool, but butt action is also an activity that more and more folks are engaging in or curious about, so for those whose interest may be piqued, I’m going to share with you some tricks and techniques for making it awesome.

Subtle Desire: Eating (and Loving) With an Open Mind

Written by Aimee Perkins. Posted in Eat Features, Featured Posts, Sex Features, Think

When I was growing up in western Minnesota, ravioli came out of a can and was made by Chef Boyardee.  That was as close as I was ever going to get to haute cuisine until I was in my early thirties and finally ate ravioli made by an actual chef.

Rather than being plopped into a bowl and thrown in a microwave Boyardee style, this pasta broke open between my teeth and quail egg filled my mouth with its warm, silky ooziness, blanking out everything else..  I closed my eyes. I moaned, out loud, and I licked my lips.

Canned ravioli does not elicit that kind of response.

The feeling lingered, warmth spreading into my hands, my feet. I felt flush. I wanted to enjoy it for a little longer by myself. That one bite of food made me so aware of my body my entire interior voice turned off. It was pure sensation. That had never happened before.

Hold on, that sounds like something more than good pasta.

feminist fitness, sexy food, womens health

Ladies and Gentlemen, Give Her a Hand: The Revolutionary Joy of Fisting

Written by Greg Baldino. Posted in Featured Posts, Sex Features

There are many different ways to be physically intimate with people, but there’s only one sexual technique that has its own day of recognition.  October 21st is celebrated around the world as International Fisting Day, a day when, according to the official website, “bloggers, artists, activists, journalists, and fisting lovers all over the world come together to celebrate this beloved and controversial sex act.”

Image 1 Fisting

Jiggle is Hot: Exploring Sex in a Fat Body

Written by Ragen Chastain. Posted in Featured Posts, Fierce Fatness, Sex Features

You can’t go online or get groceries without being bombarded by articles about sex and insecurity. Compatibility quizzes, things he wants you to know, things you’re doing wrong, how to look good having sex. I even saw an article recently on how to burn more calories while you’re having sex.

Now we have to “earn” every morsel of food by working out and we have to earn our orgasms through calorie burning as well. How is it romantic to be like “Hold still dude, I’m trying to get my third set of tri-presses in!”

Not only is most of the information hurled at us about sex completely heterosexist, but it serves to tell women that our bodies are not, and probably never will be, good enough.


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