Hitting the Homestretch

Written by Ragen Chastain. Posted in Featured Posts, Fierce Fatness, Running/Walking/Hiking

A Fat Marathoner Overcomes Her Biggest Obstacle: Other People’s Prejudice

I am neither a runner nor a morning person, so how was it that I found myself shivering outside at ass o’clock on a December morning, with a threat of rain looming, listening to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones blasting over loud speakers, waiting, with anxious excitement, at the starting line of the Seattle Marathon? To understand how I got there, we need to back up.

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The Reticent Runner: Testing Out the Couch to 5K App

Written by Amber Ponomar. Posted in Amber's Blog, Cool Stuff, Featured Posts, Running/Walking/Hiking, We Did It (So You Don't Have To)

We Did It So You Don’t Have To: Couch to 5K

I was a soccer player in early high school, until a bad knee sprain put me out of commission and away from sports for about eight years. More recently, I’d begun biking to and from work every day, and, because I live in a city, I walk to most places in my neighborhood. But even though I talked a good game, saying I’d start running “next summer,” “next summer,” “next summer,” deep down, I never seriously thought I’d be a runner. And then my Ms. Fit boss, Kathie, asked me to review the Couch to 5K app by Active.

Kathie’s Marathon Training Blog: Race Day!

Written by Kathie Bergquist. Posted in Kathie's Blog, Running/Walking/Hiking

strong kathieNikki and I registered for the Chicago Marathon in February and began officially training for it in mid-June, and now, suddenly and as though no time had passed at all, it was October and the race was upon us. Were we ready? Well, I guess we were as ready as we ever would be.

We stayed downtown the night before the race because we live rather far from the downtown area and we had no interest in beginning our commute at 5:00 a.m. No. Thank. You. The day before the race we headed to the marathon expo to pick up our race packets, then had an early pasta dinner back at the hotel. We were in bed by 9:00 because that’s how we kick it.

Kathie’s Marathon Training Blog: Light Feet, Open Heart

Written by Kathie Bergquist. Posted in Kathie's Blog, Running/Walking/Hiking

Last night I had a marathon anxiety dream. Nikki and I arrived at the start up site, (which was inside some kind of dry walled warehouse place), and were brought to our starting corral. The race start lines were single file, and we were led to the way way way back. Our corral was the very last one and, in addition to Nikki and me, it consisted of about five or six white-haired grannies.

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Our starting corral. Not that any of these women couldn’t totally outrun me.

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