Running Tips for Smokers to get the normal Fitness level Back

Most people think that smoking makes you an evil person and there is no going back to normal when you have already started it.

Yes, smoking is not doing any good to your body and the people around you, but it does not mean you cannot make things right again or at least do something good for yourself.

Women smokers may have a hard time getting good advice on how they can start working again to bring their fitness level back to the normal state, if not totally normal. Though, totally quitting smoking can give you the highest chance to reach your full fitness potential, sometimes it is just hard to do it immediately.

So, you have made the decision to begin working out again. Whether you also want to completely abandon smoking or not, these tips will help. Read more below, you can also read on the best healthy eating tips.

Do not smoke before running

running tips smoking - Running Tips for Smokers to get the normal Fitness level Back

This one here is applicable to those who are still smoking. So, thinking of running for the day? Before you do so, make sure you have a smoke-free 1 hour before starting.

A long-term habit of smoking causes a rise in heart rate and blood pressure yes, it is true, but the immediate effects can disappear at least 30 minutes after taking your last cigarette puff.

Doing this will help you reduce being in the risk of suffering from a heart attack while you are on the run. Other complications including high pulse and blood pressure can also be prevented.

Plan everything

running tips taking notes - Running Tips for Smokers to get the normal Fitness level Back

Planning is essential so you do not encounter problems along the way. Plan out your schedule, the time you are most comfortable running and stick to it. This tip is true for both smokers and ex-smokers.

Depending on the goals you have, lay a plan that you can follow to reach them.

Warm up, always

running tips stretching - Running Tips for Smokers to get the normal Fitness level Back

Whatever physical activity you are going to engage yourself in, warmups are very essential. This is especially true if you are a smoker or have a history doing it. Warming up every time before you start your running routine will help you place your lungs in the right conditions in order to avoid any complication.

It is ideal to start out by doing stretching exercises and walking for at least 5 minutes, and then slowly jog right after, gradually increasing your speed over a 5 to 10 minutes course. This way you protect your body from being under shock due to work.

Run in intervals

running tips running - Running Tips for Smokers to get the normal Fitness level Back

If you are a smoker or even an ex-smoker, it may be hard for you to do continuous workouts at your first 3 times doing it. That is why there is a need for you to make sure that you place an interval in between your runs, giving time for your lungs to recover.

Do not be shy to take some breath if you think you need it. That is better than suffering from a stroke.

Smoking is a choice, the same goes with quitting it. So, how does a smoker start a workout? If you think that running can help you, make use of the tips mentioned above.