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Jessica’s Blog: Sat Kriya Update—Hot Stuff!

Jessica Young, Kriya, yoga
Jessica Young
Written by Jessica Young

It’s been about two weeks since I made Sat Kriya a part of my daily practice, and whew, I am feelin’ it! The focus, the strength, the channeling energy: something is going on. I’m not yet halfway through, but I’ve noticed some interesting changes.

Jessica Young Kriya yoga1. I am SUCH a beginner; and it’s OK! When I started Sat Kriya, I had aspirations of being able to sit and perform this meditation for 11 minutes. I found when I started, that I could barely do three minutes, the suggested minimum, and at four, my arms are absolutely toast! I spent a day berating myself for not being able to meet my unrealistic, 11-minute goal, but then I realized that if my practice of this kriya is anything like my regular yoga practice, that I’m a beginner, and I’ll be a beginner for a long time. Yoga’s a lifetime practice for me: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So I’m in no hurry to extend my three-minute meditation. I’m getting good work done even in such a brief period of time.

2. I feel POWERful! The pose you sit in to perform Sat Kriya is called vajrasana, or rock pose, and I definitely feel solid as a rock. My knees, hips and thighs aren’t flexible enough for me to sit on my heels unsupported, so I put a yoga block and folded blanket under my sits bones for support. (If you’re trying this kriya too, and your knees are complaining, try this tip, it’s a knee-saver.) But as I continue to practice, my legs and hips are beginning to open. I’ve already begun to lower the height some. I feel solid and stable, and if what they say about the energy is true, this posture absolutely positions me to move my energy from my lower chakras up.

3. Speaking of energy, hold onto your Shakti. The principle behind why this kriya is so powerful is that it moves your kundalini—a powerful channel of energy known as your kundalini, which is coiled at the base of your spine. Sat Kriya helps to unravel this powerful energy and send it up your spine where it eventually blossoms out your crown chakra. I can absolutely feel the energy building up and being released. Ever since I started practicing, I have a greater sense of focus and energy. Some sages say that this kriya can help deal with sexual disorders or phobias, as well as serving as a catalyst for injury to the lower chakras. If you’re carrying “psychic [painful] residue from inadequate parenting”*, this might be a useful way to get physical support in your emotional healing journey. We yogis believe it’s all connected!

4. I have arms like lightning. It’s not easy to sit with my arms squeezed straight overhead for three minutes, so doing so has required me to build up some serious discipline and strength, especially in my arms and shoulders. When I get tired and my arms bend, I can feel that the energy that I’m sending out, and accepting in, begins to lag. It’s important to squeeze my arms as straight as possible. When my arms are straight and strong, I feel like an absolute conduit of positive, cosmic energy.

Jessica Young, Kriya, yoga

5. C’mon, baby, light my fire! The gentle but powerful pumping of my abs in and out in this meditation really warms things up. This action is stoking the agni, the internal fire—both a physical concept (that helps aid digestion and elimination) and a mental/emotional one (that helps us digest struggles, information, conflict, etc.). The idea is that there’s a fire burning in each one of us, in our lower belly, and this fire digests everything we consume: from your soy latte and morning muffin, to that snarky coworker gossip, to that episode of The Walking Dead. The internal in-and-up pull on every “Sat”, known as uddhiyana bandha, and the abdominal relaxation of every “Naam” stokes that fire powerfully. It feels really nice. I can feel that building muscle tone and strength, and I can tell that my internal organs are getting a nice, lovely massage. Without going into gory detail, this practice has definitely enhanced my digestion and elimination!

I’m excited to continue tuning in to this kriya and what it has to offer me. If you’re practicing Sat Kriya too, please comment and let us know what you’re discovering on your journey! Namaste.



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Jessica Young

Jessica Young has a degree from Northwestern University and an MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She’s performed her stories with 2nd Story, at the Mixed Roots Literary and Film Festival in LA, and she was recently a contributing blogger for WBEZ’s summer series, “Race Out Loud.” When she’s not writing or teaching, Jess enjoys yoga, gluten-free vegan cooking, and learning how women can take care of themselves and each other through healthy choices and practices.

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  • Wow, Jess, what an awesome experience! I’ve never tried sat kriya before but definitely it sounds like something I need to get into! Thank you for reminding everyone that it is okay, and even powerful, to be a beginner, and not to be hard on ourselves. Happy kundalini-unraveling to you!

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