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These are the terms of use for Ms. Fit Mag™. By using this site, you are legally bound to all terms described herein. Seriously.


Ms. Fit Mag™ is totally not into giving out your personal information to any outside source for any reason, except when legally bound to, like for evidence in a legal proceeding and such. We respect your privacy and will never use your personal info for purposes not tacitly agreed to by you (membership, comment posting, etc.), because we think that’s just not cool. However, we will probably provide aggregated data and demographics about our users to some business partners (read: potential advertisers) down the line, but this data will not include personally identifiable information. Also, because we live in the day and age that we do, it’s possible that some advertisers may use tracking cookies to collect habits of use information about our users. That’s just the way things go.

This all said, despite taking all precautions to secure your info, transfer of data over the internet is never 100% secure, so as for that, you are using this site at your own risk.

Also, we are only responsible for our own privacy practices of our site. If you click on a link to an external site, you are subject to the privacy practices of that external site, which may not be as cool as ours. Word to the wise.

 Legal Disclaimer

Ms. Fit Mag™ is an entertainment site intended exclusively for personal use. You are using this site at your own risk, and we are not liable for any bad stuff you might experience through using this site. We disclaim any medical, legal, professional, or personal liability to any users of this site. Dudette, it’s just not our fault. Caveat emptor. Furthermore, we’re not liable for any content posted by users, or any info derived from links to external sites.

In short: By using this site you agree release Ms. Fit Mag™ from any liability resulting from its use.

All original content to this site is protected by copyright and cannot be used, reprinted, distributed, or republished for any commercial use without prior written consent. Ms. Fit Mag™ is only responsible for the copyright of original material published on this site. In the case of materials submitted by users or derived from secondary sources it is assumed that the original source has secured copyright and/or obtained permission to publish the materials. If that’s not the case, it’s not our fault and the original source is solely responsible. In other words, we’re not responsible for securing the legal rights to use any content not originally generated by Ms. Fit Mag™, and if something from an outside source is submitted to us for publication, it is the burden of the submitter to secure legal right to use and publish that material. In other, other words, original content generated for and published on Ms. Fit becomes the intellectual property of Ms. Fit magazine and cannot be used for any reason without permission. We claim no liability for infringement of intellectual property rights by our users, or by sites that we link to. Furthermore, we think that violating intellectual property rights (ours or someone else’s) is super jerky, and we will assume that our users are not jerks.

Furthermore, our trademark (Ms. Fit Mag™) belongs to us and cannot be used for any reason without prior written consent.

If Ms. Fit Mag™ ever publishes something that you feel infringes on your intellectual property rights, send us an e-mail ( and we will address your concern. If it turns out that you are right, we will immediately remove the content, but disclaim any financial liability for damages caused. We’re operating in good faith here, people.

All views and opinions expressed in Ms. Fit Mag™ are the responsibility of the author and do not express the opinions or positions of the editors.

All legal, terms of use, and privacy policies are subject to change.

I think that about covers most things that may arise. If not, I think we’ve made it pretty clear by now that it’s not our fault. Thanks for reading.

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