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Marcia’s Blog: 24 Hour Countdown

Marcia Brenner, cycling, bike riding, century ride, 100-mile ride, training for a century ride
Marcia Brenner
Written by Marcia Brenner

century6:47pm, Saturday June 1st. We’re driving out to Woodstock, IL, where I’ll spend the night in order to be getting on the road about 24 hours from now. Rain is sheeting down, making visibility poor, and expected to continue off and on through the night. I’m hoping the roads will be dry by morning, or I’ll finally regret my stubborn refusal to have fenders put on Emmy because I just don’t like the look of them (right now my guys at Boulevard Bikes are shaking their heads sadly).

 Body concerns: After two days of heavy Pilates, I realized my left leg and foot was pretty jacked. My left foot had been noticeably supinating when I was riding and I finally located a major tightness in my left IT band and quad. With some excruciating foam roller work, a hefty hamstring workout (Thanks Amanda!), and some Thai massage which involved my friend Rose kneeling on my hamstrings, my left leg felt like wet cement most of Friday and part of Saturday morning, but was better by evening. Back and abs feel good. Neck still issues with some stiffness, but it doesn’t usually bug me when I’m riding, so that just leaves one little problem.

 This morning I stubbed my left big toe on a metal table. The nail stayed, but lots of blood and the sucker is throbbing seven hours later. Hoping it won’t take too much pressure from my shoes and plan on wrapping in with gauze.

 11:10pm  Getting ready for bed after the guy and I had dinner in Woodstock, pointing out spots from “Groundhog Day.”  Ceasar salad, lasagna, and a glass of wine. A packet of Twizzlers from the machine in the hotel made for a nice snack as I looked over the route and tried to figure if my Map My Ride app will short out my battery during the ride. Time will tell. Empire Strikes Back on the television, and I hear snoring behind me (someone was out sailing all day and pretty knocked out himself). Feeling pleasantly tired and ready for bed. 6:15 alarm will come too soon, but I’m not sure how long registration will take and want to be on the road by 7:30.

6:47- Running a bit late. Tough night. Been fighting a sinus thing for two days and stuffiness, light asthma, and a drunk guy who got locked out and kept pounding for “Tammy” to open the door interfered with a good night of sleep. But skies are clear, low 60’s expected. Leaving for the starting line.

Marcia Brenner, cycling, bike riding, century ride, 100-mile ride, training for a century ride

7:45 Checked in, ready to roll. Perfect riding weather!

To be continued…

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Marcia Brenner

Marcia Brenner

Marcia Brenner is an adjunct in the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago. She has published short stories, essays, nonfiction, garnering awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Better Business Bureau. In 2006 she’d had enough with being overweight; she joined Weight Watchers, lost over 90 pounds, rediscovered her long-abandoned bicycle and fell in love with Pilates. She now combines her love of metaphors with bodywork by teaching Classical Pilates at Chicago’s Frog Temple, where she is a certified Pre and Postnatal Specialist. She explores the battle for life and health balance on her website,

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