Five Ways to Say I Love You… To Yourself.

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It’s February, so that can only mean one thing: there’s a lot of romantic love stuff in your face. Romantic love can be great, but let’s get real — no one else can actually look inside your soul and cherish, value, and appreciate your absolute rad awesomeness as much as you, yourself, can so why not set aside some time to show yourself how great you really are? Here are some suggestions to start loving yourself up today.

meditating woman

Sochi Women’s Hockey Preview

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by Zach Hawkins

Women’s hockey has been increasing in popularity over the past few years and this year’s Olympics will hopefully continue the upward trend in its popularity.

Many people believe that, of the eight teams who were lucky enough to qualify for Sochi — the top four in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) world rankings and four qualifying tournament winners — only the USA and Canada have any chance of winning a gold medal at this year’s games. Since the introduction of Women’s Hockey to the Olympics in 1998, The US and Canada have dominated the sport, with Team USA taking the gold in 1998, and Canada in 2002, 2006, and 2010.


Why I Am Watching the Sochi Olympics

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Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson

When The Seattle Seahawks won the super bowl last Sunday, Fox News made a big deal about how it was the city’s first National Championship since the 1979 Super Sonics won the NBA finals. This didn’t sit well with members of the two-time (2003 and 2010) WNBA champs, The Seattle Storm. Lauren Jackson, three-time WNBA MVP and a member of both championship teams, called out the oversight on Twitter: “Minimalizing female achievement in sport… Again…”


Throw Us Your Pitches

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Call for Submissions for Ms. Fit’s 2014 Publishing Season

Call for Submissions

Ms. Fit Mag: Real World Feminist Fitness is currently soliciting story pitches for our 2014 publishing season, based on the following themes.

Spring/Summer theme: The Faith Issue

Pitch deadline: March 8, 2014


Ms. Fit Mag is looking for stories about the intersections of faith, fitness, and feminism. Possible subjects: faith-based feminist activism, learning to trust yourself and your body, keeping the faith, navigating interfaith relationships, changing faith, feminist parenting and faith, dedication, intuition, setting goals and commitment, faith in outcomes, service, higher powers, ritual and practice, fitness and spirit, and…?  All viewed through a feminist health, fitness, and wellness lens.

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