Have you heard about the keto diet? I bet you already have as it is becoming more popular nowadays. And I also know that you have friends who are starting to lose some weight on the keto diet. So, you are here because you want to start your own keto diet journey, right?

Before we delve into the keto diet plan, let us get to know what the ketogenic diet really is first. Basically, if you are on a keto diet, you are in high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs intake. So, what does it mean to your body if you follow this distribution for your food intake?

6o up to 75 percent calories, 15 up to 30 percent proteins, and 5 up to 10 percent carbohydrates – this particular diet can have the results we’ve listed below.

Weight loss results up to double

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You only need a maximum of two years in order to see the difference. People who have tried the diet within this duration experienced a decrease in weight up to twice than individuals following the standard and more common low-calorie diet, according to a scientific study published in one highly trusted health journal.

Waistline shrinkage

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Imagine losing up to 4.5 inches and more than those individuals following the more common standard low-calorie food intake. That is an amazing difference and studies have backed up this claim.

Goodbye belly fat

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Another good effect of the keto diet is it is able to maintain your needed muscle mass despite helping you get rid of unwanted abdominal fat. This works well for your metabolism, right?

Don’t need many sacrifices

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What most people love most about the keto diet is the fact that it does not really require many sacrifices from you, especially on the kind of food that you are eating. Basically, since you can still eat the food that you love like pizza, burger, and nachos.

If those things do not sound good to you then I do not know what is. It is worth a try, learn more and contact us.