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Sportz Shortz, July 27, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

Our Bi-Weekly Digest of Women’s Sporting News

PHOTOCREDIT Canada's 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

American soccer—rumored to be unpopular—has a growing audience. Rather than an absence of interest, American soccer is “unpopular,” because of  an absence of men. American women outperform their male counterparts continuously—the approaching 2015 Women’s World Cup may very well launch a dialogue centered on the limited recognition.


Alice Coachman, the first African-American woman to win Olympic gold with the high jump, passes away at 90 after a life of staunch dedication to being a role model for African-American women amid fierce discrimination in the segregated U.S.


“Travel and facility costs might bring down what sexism couldn’t:” inequality in college sports still comes down to dollars and cents.


Women’s intercollegiate soccer is coming to Penn State Schuylkill. Pending the addition of two more sports, the school will be eligible to compete at the NCAA Division III level.


Legendary collegiate gymnastics pioneer Sarah Patterson announces her retirement after serving thirty-six years as Alabama’s head coach.


PHOTOCREDIT Stacey Neve - Stumptown Footy

NWSL’s ESPN deal and the league’s subsequent expansion will no doubt attract more viewers, but some fans—like those overseas—are left alienated by the changes.

Portland’s Vero Boquete is named NWSL’s Player of the Week for the second time in five weeks, following her goal in the third minute of the Thorn’s victory over Kansas.


After a shaky start, Griner amps it up in her second season, blocking a WNBA record of 11 shots.


PHOTOCREDIT Paul Ellis AFP Getty Images

Mo Martin conquers at the British Open, marking the first major championship for the UCLA graduate.



The Women’s 2014 Baseball World Cup receives official title sponsorship from Japan’s largest oil company, bringing much-needed funding and recognition to the sport, as well as hope that it will make it back onto the Olympic roster.


In a “ground-breaking partnership,” England’s women’s cricket team signs a two-year deal with Kia Motors, resulting in salaries upwards of six figures for the bodacious Brits.

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