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Sportz Shortz June 30, 2013

Amber Ponomar
Written by Amber Ponomar

Ultra runner Zoe Romano runs the Tour de France.

Zoe Romano Photo credit: ESPN

Zoe Romano
Photo credit: ESPN

Ha Neul Kim Photo credit: Getty Images

Ha Neul Kim
Photo credit: Getty Images


South Korean Ha-Neul Kim hits six birdies in the US Women’s Open, holding a one-shot lead.



Tamika Williams

Indiana Fever player Tamika Williams scores 28 points in one game, a season high, coming back strong after missing two games for lower back injury.

Six Girls (No Bouys), a group of six teenage girls, trains to swim the English Channel for charitable causes such as putting science and IT facilities in their school.

Called softball’s Babe Ruth, Sooners pitcher Keilani Ricketts wins the Honda Cup and is named the 2013 Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year.


Kelani Ricketts

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