The Herstory of My Hips

C.C. Carter
Written by C.C. Carter

What is it that you misunderstand about these hips?hips

my hips?

These are my hips-

these fifty – two inch hips

attached to this thirty-six inch waist

are my hips and they tell herstory

perhaps you question the size of my hips-

the second largest continent in the world sired these hips

of course they would be as large-

the oldest civilization on earth gave birth to these hips

of course they would be as wide-

for these were my great grandmother’s

and my grandmother’s

and my mother’s hips

and now I am heir to the throne- my crown?

these hips of course-

and I would proudly pass them on to my daughter

for her dowry would you say-

These hips are pyramids-

no blueprints modern technology

no cranes and chains erected these hips

blood sweat and joy created these hips-

My West Indian “father”

loved my Dominican “madre”

and they mixed up the spices dv1916057

to create the recipe for these hips-

cause my hips are hip-

they swing a jazz tune

they bop a blues beat

they talk a rap rhythm

they dance a drum solo-

these are hot summer day

cold winter nights

spring into action

make you fall in my lap hips-

These are my hips-

no aerobic

no treadmill

no run a mile-

these hips are for you to snuggle

for you to cuddle

for you to sink into and dream-

for you to get lost in all your fantasies-

wrap yourself around and let me squeeze you hips

lock you in and yell si mommy hips

draw you deeper so you can scream,

“dame ah bueno, dame ah bueno,” hips

shake with ecstasy, “what’s my name,” hips

rock your world and swing from chandelier hips

make you release before you were ready to hips-

when you want to hold a woman’s hips

when you want to feel the difference between you and me hips

when hard hips want to be soothed by charmine hips

these are my hips- so let the legacy live on.


From the book, Body Language by C.C. Carter C.C. Carter, hips, big hips, womanly hips

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About the author

C.C. Carter

C.C. Carter

C.C. Carter is a seasoned Chicago Slammer and performance poet who brings the house down whether performing to an intimate crowd of 10 or in a public arena of 10,000. Her poetry and performances have garnered her opening credits for Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Cheryl Clarke and Dorothy Allison. C.C. has received numerous awards and honors for her arts and activism, including the induction into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. Her work is currently anthologized in over 15 collections of poetry and prose including Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Black Women's Erotica, Does Your Mama Know and Women Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution.

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