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We’d love to hear your ideas for original feature stories. We are not engaging writers for new ongoing columns at this point.

Submit, submissions, health, fitness submissions, women, feminist, Ms. Fit mag, pitches, submission guidelinesPlease read these entire submission guidelines before submitting your pitch. Pitches that do not meet our guideline criteria will be returned unread.

If you are unsure what a pitch should look like, click here for to link to an excellent sample pitch.

We’re interested in journalistic articles, personal narratives, profiles, humorous essays, creative non-fiction, original cartoons, and (sometimes) poetry on topics ranging from exercise, fitness, health, sports, and wellness; to addiction, survival, and recovery; to feminist pregnancy and parenting; to environmental health and ecology; to body image issues; to articles about sex and healthy sexuality; to healthcare and reproductive rights politics; to stories of global interest; and lots more that’s not listed here. Feature word count: 1,000-1,200 words.

We also accept freelance submissions for the following columns:

I did it!” Reader’s Stories of Personal Triumph (350-600 words)

“D.I.Y.” (Practical How-Tos) (350 to 500 words, plus pictures)

Ms. Fit Momma (Fertility/Pregnancy/Childcare) (600-1,200 words)

Ms. Fit’s voice is straight-forward, conversational, fun, sassy, irreverent, and informed. Please read several articles on the site to get a sense of who we are and what we publish before you pitch to us.

Flesh out your pitch as fully as you can. Tell us what angle or hook your story will have. Why would our readers be interested in it? How is it relevant to their lives? What might a reader take away from your story?

We are serious about good writing. All writers should expect to work with editors through a rewrite process. With your pitch, tell us about your writing background and include clips of previously published pieces or blog posts so we can get a sense of your voice. Ms. Fit pays for most assigned stories (we do not pay for “I Did It!” stories, which is the best forum for entry-level contributors), but we do not pay very much ($35 for features, $25 for columns/poetry). If getting paid for your work is your primary motivation for writing for Ms. Fit, then perhaps we are not the best fit for each other.

Please note, although we occasionally publish literary creative non-fiction or poetry, we do so rarely, and only if the piece in question speaks specifically to and adds a new voice or perspective to a theme we are organizing content around. And even then, these submissions are subject, like all pitches, to our editorial whims and fancies. In any case, always include a cover letter and samples of or links to your previously published works.

Summer 2015: Power

Pitch deadline: March 15, 2015

For the Power issue, we are looking for stories about physical, mental and emotional strength, about feminism and institutionalized power structures, about overcoming powerlessness, about claiming or reclaiming power, about feeling powerful in ones body, challenging authority, relinquishing power, about getting strong and embracing our strength.  All viewed through a feminist health, fitness and wellness lens.

The Queer Health Issue

Pitch deadline: June 15, 2014

We are also actively soliciting pitches for a special Queer Health supplement. Possible subjects: medicine and queer health; illness and queer health; queer fitness; transgender health issues; queer parenting; LGBTQ emotional and mental health; family issues and queer health; relationships with doctors and hospitals; being queer at the gym; LGBTQ history and health; queer profiles in health, sports, and fitness; queer sexuality and sexual health; lesbian health and wellness; LGBTQ relationships and health and fitness habits, and… All viewed through a feminist and queer-positive health, fitness and wellness lens.

Future themes: Intersections, The Earth Issue

Send your story ideas to Subject line: pitch + name of theme

Pitches post deadline and/or that do not include a full story idea outline plus sample writing clips will not be considered.


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