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Wednesday World Watch: June 5, 2013

Amber Ponomar
Written by Amber Ponomar

Our weekly digest of feminist news from around the world.


 To the gall of survivors, nuns from Ireland’s Magdelene Laundries claim the “fallen” women sent to the Laundries were never forced to work unpaid or atone for imaginary sins.

A small protest against cutting down hundred-year-old trees in Istanbul unexpectedly draws police in riot gear, claiming protesters have a hidden agenda.

Pictures of the protests as they developed in Istanbul.

Hailed as the female Viagra, Lybrido has scientists biting their nails, fearing women may become “sexually excessive.”

In light of Michael Douglas’s recent outburst  connecting cunnilingus with cancer (, we did some of our own research on HPV vaccinations:

Credit: The Guardian UK

Credit: The Guardian UK

Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina ends an 11-day hunger strike for more humane living conditions in jail.

Chinese city Wuhan plans to severely fine unmarried mothers in order to keep the city’s birth level low, predicting a rise in abandoned babies.

The Network, a collective of activists in Argentina, fight for human trafficking to be taken as seriously as kidnapping in the eyes of the law.


It’s APA Heritage Month! Celebrate these ten badass Asian women!

To avoid prosecution for an illegal abortion, El Salvadorian woman “Beatriz” had a cesarean section to save her life. The anencephalic fetus with a malformed brain did not survive.

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