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World Watch April 12, 2014

Photo Credit: Ennio Leanza/European Pressphoto Agency
Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

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Photo Credit: Ennio Leanza/European Pressphoto AgencyBrandeis University reverses the decision to award an honorary degree to invited speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who until recently was among those selected to be honored at Brandeis’s 2014 commencement. A noted champion of women’s rights and outspoken opponent of genital mutilation, Ali is no stranger to controversy. Her forceful comments hurled at Islam have earned her plenty of scrutiny. Is her hostility toward the largest religion in the world justifiable? Other advocates, such as writer Aaminah “Jay” Khan, don’t find a contradiction in the label Feminist Muslim.

The Americas

The Paycheck Fairness Act, an addition to the Equal Pay act of 1963, is rejected by the Senate for the third time, prolonging a frustrating journey almost fifty years in the making.

 Photo Credit: A still from the video for Cuban rap group Krudas Cubensi's song "Los Medios." screen_shot_2014-04-08_at_3.02.02_pm

A rise in internet accessibility amongst Cuban feminists like journalist Sandra Abd’Allah-Alvarez Ramírez, who uses blogging to fight against Afrocubana invisibility, and the rap group Krudas Cubensi, which advocates against trans-phobia, allows marginalized Cuban voices to be heard.

After an overwhelmingly negative response from consumers, Veet pulls US ads that insinuate an unshaven body isn’t a woman’s body.

Through Domestic Workers United, Director Ai-jen Poo works to educate and protect the often exploited domestic workforce.

More options arise for women affected by genetic conditions, cancers, and injuries as the field of regenerative medicine sees long-term success on vaginal implantation.


Photograph: Washington Post/Getty ImagesTwenty years after the crippling Rwandan genocide, women like Oda Gasinzigwa play a vital role in the country’s recovery, but the 44.9% of the population in poverty—mostly women suffering from sexual violence—still presents a significant challenge.


An alarming UK social media trend, Women Who Eat on Tubes displays photos of female commuters eating in the London underground, encouraging an atmosphere of shame and voyeurism.

Middle East

Iliana Montauk

In Gaza, female Internet entrepreneurs will soon outnumber men as meritocratic tech professions in the Middle East witness a fast-closing gender gap.  


In Singapore, the Breast Cancer Foundation seeks to offer free mammograms to 40,000 low-income women and encourage follow-up assessments for women in which they found abnormalities.



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