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World Watch April 26, 2014

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Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

Our Digest of Feminist World News and Opinion

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Dr. Paula A. Johnson, co-author of the new study “Sex-Specific Medical Research: Why Women’s Health Can’t Wait,” reveals the dangers of overlooking the gender gap in biomedical studies. An examination of the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical trials, not officially required by the NIH until 1993, unveils the disturbing truth about the way women are diagnosed and treated today, twenty years after the mandate.

The Americas

Some speculate that Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid will box fellow female democrats out of the election, despite the growing possibility of a two-woman ticket.

Dove True Beauty Parody

Dove’s True Beauty Campaign, while often bordering on the patronizing and ridiculous, treads right over that boundary with its newest addition, “Patches,” an ad that not only inspires parodies, but begs for them.

Preteen activist Madison Kimrey explains feminism in a letter to conservative Phyllis Schlafly, who recently said women who earn equal wages to men will not find husbands.  

Callie Lathem Leadership in Crime Prevention

Acadia student Callie Lathem earns a Minister’s Award for Leadership in Crime Prevention for her work on advocating healthy sexual relationships and LGBT rights while working toward her psychology/sociology degree.


In Sweden, outrage over the recent assault of a pregnant Muslim woman has resulted in hijab-wearing supporters taking to social media sites with selfies in an effort to renounce religious, ethnic, and gender prejudices.


In 2014, still-existing menstrual taboos in Nepal are beginning to wane, but change comes slowly, where superstitious traditions still reign over women’s rights.


Even within countries where women’s health is seemingly high on the national agenda, an incredible number of botched abortions continue to result in death, while the safe, legal terminations of unwanted pregnancies lack both funding and acknowledgement. 


Despite its imperfections, South Africa’s growing acceptance of gay rights provides hope for the LGBT community members spread across the continent, many living in nations where homosexuality is punishable by law.

Non-voluntary HIV testing, especially when they are made currency for women’s access to antenatal health services, adds another layer of violation in a world where the rapid spread of STI’s is closely intertwined with overlooked sexual violence.

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Taylor Crain

Taylor Crain

Taylor Crain is a Chicago born writer and committed pedestrian earning her Fiction Writing BFA from Columbia College Chicago. When not hoofing it around town on foot, she allocates a significant amount of time to practicing melt-into-your-mat yoga and dancing to cardio videos which in no way make her look dorky. She aspires to one day learn to ride a bike.

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