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World Watch August 16, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

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Will feminists ever unanimously advocate on behalf of sex workers? While the freedom to choose the world’s oldest profession may inspire an avid discussion, it’s the keyword “choice” that conveys much of the problem. Women who opt to enter sex work are disproportionately outnumbered by those who are trafficked or exploited into the industry, a detail The Economist makes light of in a recent article focused on the “luxury” and “safety” of internet-based sex work.

The Americas

A new study links increases in smoking among Asian and Latino women with immigration to the U.S.

Michael Brown’s death is a feminist issue: why mothers all across the nation should be concerned.

One of the teens convicted in the 2010 sexual assault of a sixteen =-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio, returns to his high school—and to his football team.

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Dr. Maryam Mirzakhani of Stanford University becomes the first female recipient of a Fields Medal for her contributions to the study of Riemann surfaces.

Uruguay, a trailblazer for the liberation of marginalized groups within South America, may see further changes under President Mujica.

The growing recognition of trans* children inside family structures has prompted some political conservatives to label the acceptance as “abuse.”

Middle East

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Women’s rights activists remain startlingly silent on the State-sponsored dehumanization of female minorities within Iraq.


Ignorance, as well as purposeful withholding, deny many South African women access to emergency contraceptives, a preventative action with the potential to greatly increases quality of life.

The progress made by African women in tech-related industries may foreshadow a greater educational revolution for the continent’s female population.



In war-torn Eastern Ukraine, life goes on—with many women forced to deliver their babies in hospital cellars, underneath the shelling of their cities.


The “LGBT in Asia” report notes the positive changes made by the Chinese government in recent decades, but discrimination against Chinese LGBT individuals continues to thrive.

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