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World Watch, July 19, 2014

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Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

 Our Digest of Feminist News and Opinion from Around the World

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High school student Jada, whose assault was recorded and went viral, courageously chose to take control by revealing her identity amidst a climate of mockery and hostility. Online, the recording was received by an unsettling barrage of ridicule from social media users. The atrocity of the brutalization and its aftermath offers us no answers, but does pose a question: when will we begin taking rape seriously?

The Americas

A slap in the face, courtesy of science: even when medical research is supportive, the trans* community sees little benefit from the expenditure.



Danae Mines, the first female firefighter to be featured in FDNY’s annual calendar, hopes that her appearance will encourage future generations of women to suit up and join the force.


Depo-Provera, a contraceptive user-friendly enough to be self-injected, is distributed to the women of Burkina Faso, with plans for release in Uganda, Senegal and Niger.

Efforts are underway to reduce gender-based violence in conflict zones, with focus on the reorganization of refugee camps and counseling for survivors.

Middle East

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The Syrian Conflict has irrevocably altered what it means to be a woman in the war-torn state—but independence is not always accompanied by representation.

Razieh Ebrahimi, the seventeen-year-old Iranian woman imprisoned for killing her husband of three years, renews concern over Iran’s persisting tradition of making brides out of children.


Two sisters from Pakistan come forward with their horrific account of being trafficked into sex slavery by a neighbor who promised them domestic work, shedding light on the seldom heard risk for emigrating women.


This month, Japan finally outlawed child pornography. Meanwhile, Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi is imprisoned for obscenity after attempting to craft a kayak in the likeness of her vagina.


G20 president, Australia, is urged to shift focus to gender equality when confronted with the statistics: “20% to 60% of GDP would be added to leading nations’ economies if the hidden contribution of unpaid work, such as care work largely done by women, was valued.”

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