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World Watch, June 21, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

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Eighty years after the 1934 ruling guaranteeing women’s suffrage and the right to run for office, Turkish women begin to emerge in local leadership positions. The recent materialization of these mayoral madams can largely be attributed to Turkey’s Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), the rising political affiliation known for its promotion of egalitarianism and female representation. Child bride survivor Berivan Kilic, co-mayor of Kocakoy, and others like her hope to push critical women’s issues to the forefront of the Turkish political agenda, in spite of international qualms.

The Americas

Is your son a feminist? Talking to young boys about gender equality and introducing a pro-female agenda can act as a misogyny prevention tactic for the generations to come.

This Saturday, Canadian activist Lee Lakeman is commended for more than thirty-five years of unprecedented service with the Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.

Women’s health rubs religious “freedom” the wrong way as emergency contraceptives once again commandeer center stage in Washington.

As 2014 World Cup host Brazil presents a unified front for television screens worldwide, the marginalized Afro-Brazilian population continues to experience a much different story.


Harvard’s Global Health Equity Option Scholars Program submerges students interested in international health and wellness into a foreign culture in order to facilitate a mutually beneficial “perpetual learning experience.”

Happy Pride Month! The 19th annual Boston Dyke March upholds its tradition of inclusivity, and revels in the accomplishments of its long-standing community of lesbians of color.


Dedicated blogger and activist Nana Darkoa Seykiamah works with the African Women’s Development Fund to further open communication between Africans, bolster leadership in an effort to reduce reliance on foreign involvement, and encourage the formation of pro-women’s groups.

The Middle East

The Ukrainian-founded, Paris-based, sextremist group FEMEN debuts its newest chapter in Israel at the Tel Aviv Pride Parade.



A discomforting examination of Indian social hierarchies and current infrastructure is vital to understanding and preventing the heinous crimes committed against women, girls, and the whole of humanity within the second most populous country in the world.

Predominant gender imbalances within Asian media outlets are reconsidered after the Society of Publishers in Asia awards its first ever Excellence in Reporting on Women’s Issues title despite continued patterns of insensitivity and victim-blaming.


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Tasmanian artist Pat Brassington brings her body of work—a unique showcase of psychoanalysis, feminism, and surrealism—“home to roost.”

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