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World Watch June 7, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

Top Story Gorgeous Laverne Cox

Actress and activist Laverne Cox is no stranger to adversity. Everything from dehumanizing questions about genitalia to alarmingly frequent acts of violence continue to plague those in the trans* community. The country is stuck in such a state of inequality and discrimination that even Cox’s triumph on the cover of Time could not be appreciated without inane objection in the form of misogynist propaganda.

The Americas


Brazilian ladies are taking a stand against harassment, assault, and slut-shaming with interactive maps and internet campaigns designed to protest and protect.

An examination of icon Maya Angelou’s colorful life offers an often untold perspective of female choice, independence, and sex work.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes this promise about the multi-billion allocation in foreign maternal and child-health aid: “The government will be as transparent as we can possibly be.”


Militarization and outside intervention are not the answers. The increasingly fragile situation in Nigeria is a plea for a platform to unite the country’s female voices.

Middle East


Islamic Feminism—an ideology of equality deeply rooted within the Quran—calls for a renaissance among Muslim women and society as a whole.


More than legal proceedings are necessary to correct violence against women in India’s deeply ingrained patriarchal culture.

Newsflash: discrimination against women is bad for the economy. Before countries in South Asia can hope to compete with modernized states like the Philippines, more attention needs to be paid to the stifled rights of the female populations.


Taking into account the escalating violence directly linked to misogynist forums, online Men’s Rights groups are no longer being laughed off.

PHOTOCREDIT Lars Lundqvist (1)

Feminist politician Gudrun Schyman of Sweden becomes the face of the Feminist Initiative’s seat gain within the European Parliament.


Soraya Post’s recent election to the European Parliament brings hope to political-minded feminists all over the world, but Australia’s partisan history casts doubt over the country’s potential female leadership.


Educating and providing midwives can help bridge the gap in regions where medical assistance for mothers and children isn’t readily available, reducing infant and maternal mortality.


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Taylor Crain

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