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World Watch May 27, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

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In order to begin breeching global women’s oppression, more than making martyrs out of schoolgirls needs to be done. Amidst a western media circus, the U.S.’s recent decision to deploy troops to Chad in an effort to assist in locating 200-plus young Nigerian women, more than a month after their abduction, is cause for some scrutiny over a military tactic some might deem opportunistic.

The Americas

Video blogger Meghan Tonjes stands up to size prejudice, protesting the all-too-common practice of shaming plus-sized women into covering up.


Trans* health was at the forefront of New York’s most recent healthcare conference, where officials are reminded that an exclusionary healthcare plan is a national affront.

In yet another example of state government’s meddling in individual reproductive rights, a passed Louisiana bill that will cause the closure of 80% of the state’s abortion clinics awaits the signature of the governor.

As one of eight countries in which the maternal mortality rate is rising, the U.S. can trace many of the deaths of its new and expectant mothers to a lack of preventative care.

Conservative Christina Hoff Sommers claims that panic is not the proper response to the rape culture infiltrating US college campuses, likening concern over the sexual assault climate to various “witch hunts” in American history.


As meetings hosted by the African Development Bank in Kigali continue, United Nations Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka presents her own list of demands for the women of the continent. 

Middle East

The death sentence of a Christian Sudanese woman inspires international indignation and condemnation as protests against the ruling unfold.

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Saiedet Souria Magazine hopes to empower women in war-torn Syria, promoting tolerance and inclusion with an independent voice.


The proliferation of the Indian tradition of dowry in Australia has some clamoring for policy makers to draft a ban on the violence-linked custom that has economically repressed women for centuries. 


Rowena V. Guanzon

The University of Philippines recognizes Rowena V. Guanzon, a teacher, lawyer, and activist instrumental in the movement for women’s rights in the Philippines’s legal sector.


An investment in women’s rights is an investment in global health, poverty reduction, and economic growth—but international tragedies, like the Nigerian kidnappings, remind us that we have not done enough.

The Feminist Network Project navigates through logistical and linguistic barriers, pressing forward in an effort to unite feminists on an international scale.


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Taylor Crain

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