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World Watch: November 9, 2013

Amber Ponomar
Written by Amber Ponomar

Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

Lead Story

Kamala Khan, Mavel's new superhero, reflects the ever-changing world we live in.

(Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

16-year-old Muslim-American Kamala Khan is Marvel Comics’s new superhero, reflecting, as series editor Sana Armanat said in an interview, “the ever-changing world that we live in.”


Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, missing for nearly half a month in Siberia’s prison transportation system, writes in letters to her husband that she is not afraid of total isolation.

The Americas

Carioca funkeiras—Brazilian feminist musicians like Valesca Popozuda—have become the voice of working class women in Rio do Janeiro, demanding sexual equality and smashing the funkeiro myths that women are well-behaved, servile cachorras.

(Photo credit: BBC Brasil)

(Photo credit: BBC Brazil/AFP)

Governor Quinn is set to sign Illinois Marriage Equality into state law on November 20th, opening the door for same gender couples to finally receive equal legal treatment as heterosexual couples.

Dr. Elisa Port is named one of the Mothers of the Year by the American Cancer Society for dedicating her career to treating women with breast cancer and developing new surgical techniques.


In a new United Nations initiative called The Momentum for Change both places women at the center of addressing climate change and benefits women and children directly in many countries.

Check out more Momentum for Change initiatives here!

Middle East

Shirin Ebadi

(Photo credit: Jefferson Bernardes/AFP/Getty Images)

Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, living in exile in France, says a recent détente between President Rouhani of Iran and President Obama will not cure their still dismal human rights situation. However, “since human rights activity is impossible in Iran,” she says, her exile allows her to give voice to her silenced people.  

To settle an outstanding debt, Lebanese 13-year-old Eva was kidnapped by her father’s creditor and forced to marry his son, inciting an outcry which led the Shiite religious hierarchy to annul the union and heightening the demand from women’s rights groups for a minimum age for marriage.


*Trigger Warning* New Zealand’s self-proclaimed Roast Busters, a group of young men who openly brag and name their sometimes underage rape victims, elude the police but receive death threats from vigilante groups who want to bring them to justice.

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