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World Watch: September 20, 2014

Taylor Crain
Written by Taylor Crain

Our Digest of Global Feminist News

Top Story Dr. Gomperts PHOTOCREDIT Sarah Wong The New York Times - Copy

Top Story

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Web, has been pushing against anti-abortion legislation since her days aboard the ocean’s first mobile clinic. On a mission to reduce suffering, Gomperts took to the sea, providing women with vital healthcare information and safe, supervised abortions when they were otherwise unattainable. Now fully landlocked, Gomperts and her team are still supplying information and medication online. Their past ventures offer a haunting glimpse into what the U.S.’s female population can expect if recent restrictions on women’s health clinics continue at their current pace.

Female architects are finally being recognized as a global mainstay, after decades of misogyny-fueled oppression and discrimination.

The Americas

Modern sexism has no better ally than photo-hacking, a crime that violates, objectifies and humiliates while catering to the basest segments of the population.

With female presidents in multiple countries, South America has long emulated a tradition of promoting women’s rights. But representation does not always coincide with economic equality.

The Mujeres Adelante movement looks to end gender-based violence across continents with the help of an inalienable truth: female empowerment is human empowerment.


310_206_pregwomenSince 2009, Zimbabwe’s maternal mortality rate has decreased by 36%, a marked improvement that leaves medical professionals optimistic about the future of women’s health.

Africa’s women face a far greater threat than men from the most recent Ebola outbreak, with traditional caretaker roles fast becoming deadly.


Sweden’s feminist party continues to make historic strides against patriarchy in a country already famous for its gender equality.

 Middle East

Shahla SherkatDevoted women’s writer and editor Shahla Shekat is to be tried by Iran’s Press Court amid accusations that her magazine, Zanan-e Emruz, propagates feminist ideologies.


Progress for Women in Asia PHOTOCREDIT REUTERS Akhtar Soomro - CopyDespite a ban on sex education under the current government, various workshops seek to inform parents, children, and reduce sex crimes committed against minors in India.

Throughout Pakistan, the “convenience of subservience” threatens to block feminist progress. Legal advancements, like bans on honor-killings, have been put in place, but many still fear a disruption of the status quo.

As the twenty year anniversary of the UN’s Beijing conference approaches, women’s rights advocates stress the importance of culture for international female advancement within the Asian continent.




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