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World Watch August 9, 2014

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Taylor Crain
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Our Digest of Global Feminist News and Opinion

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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith presses potential victims of domestic abuse to learn about “elements of provocation” in a panelist discussion on First Take, earning Smith a meager suspension, (almost as meager as the suspension doled out to Baltimore Ravens Running Back/Batterer Ray Rice) but it’s continuing the dialogue on the pervasiveness of victim-blaming.

The Americas

The discontinuation of the Therese Casgrain Volunteer Award is another attempt by Canada’s Harper government to disregard the country’s history of socially-conscious feminism and activism.

Three anti-abortion extremists are sentenced for obstructing the entrance to Mississippi’s sole remaining clinic.

CREDIT'Solutions' by Nanibah Chacon

Las Chingonas, a Chicana feminist group, hosts their annual summer institute this weekend, opening a forum encouraging the deflation of traditional white patriarchy.

The Middle East


Inside the bombarded Gaza Strip, the mental health of Palestinian women deteriorates while the atrocities of the conflict threaten their livelihoods and that of their families on a daily basis.

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister’s absurd commentary on what is proper for a woman to do in public incurs a barrage of women sharing photographs of themselves laughing—wherever they damn well please.


July 31st, designated by the Pan-African Women’s Conference as a day to honor the achievements of all African Women, arrives after a trying year, despite the gains made in recent years.

Protest has led to a summit discussion for Moroccan women, who denounce their portrayal in Arab media outlets as insultingly one-dimensional.


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Female voices will be integral in the debate over Scotland’s independence, in spite of longstanding marginalization.


The recent discovery of certain DNA sequence variants could aid in diagnosing and preventing breast cancer in susceptible East Asian women.

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