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  • Overweight and code ICD-10 E66 – What is it?

    Did you know that overweight and obesity are now classified as chronic diseases? In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that overweight and obesity are global epidemics. This is largely due to the way our lifestyles have changed in recent years. We’re eating more processed foods, consuming more sugary drinks, and getting less […]

  • Who Would Jesus Body Shame?

    Taking a Closer Look at Faith-Based DietsLargeBOD4GOD The recent controversy surrounding the “To the Fatty Running on the Westview Track” letter brought into sharp relief the ways in which many people believe you can tell almost anything about a person just by knowing their body size—their food choices, exercise habits, their innermost thoughts, and, according […]

  • We Are Stardust: Faith, Yoga and How the Universe Showed Me what I’m Made of

    The workshop flier said, “Yoga for Women”, and I thought, this workshop could go one of several ways: · The teacher could be a tight-bodied Lululemon model in fuchsia lipstick and eyeliner, who played acid jazz and dubstep to our vinyasas. She could try to bend us into crazy positions and coach us to use […]

  • Submission Guidelines

    ATTN: Ms. Fit Magazine is in a temporary restructuring hiatus and not currently accepting pitches for submission. We will resume considering new stories for publication in early 2016.Do you have a story you’d like to write for Ms. Fit?We’d love to hear your ideas for original feature stories. We are not engaging writers for new […]

  • The Self-Defense Paradox

    Empowerment, Victim Blaming, and Feminist Models of Self-Defenseself-defense, feminism Sometime in 1988, I found my way to a bare-bones studio over a discount store in Brooklyn and the practice of empowerment-model self-defense. I was a women’s studies undergrad at the time and—although I didn’t yet identify as such—a survivor of sexual trauma. Falling in with […]

  • Ten Women’s Sports and Health Pioneers You Should Know

    This Women’s History Month, celebrate the accomplishments of these ten women’s sports and health pioneersRebecca Lee Crumpler, M.D.First African American woman to become a physician crumplerAfter earning her degree, Crumpler worked primarily with former slaves who could not receive medical attention elsewhere. She was as much a missionary as she was a doctor, and the […]

  • Strong Voices, Safe Bodies

    Self-Defense Skills in the Family EnvironmentDefense girl 2 When I say “self-defense” do you imagine that you should train your 18-month-old to be the next Bruce Lee? Holistic self-defense means more than physically fighting back. The core mental, verbal and relationship skills can be taught in developmentally appropriate ways throughout your child’s life, starting at […]

  • Sportz Shortz, June 14, 2014

    Our Bi-weekly Digest of Women’s Sporting NewsWorld cup, sex workers, human trafficking, FIFA, Brazil, women’s sports, women’s health The arrival of a mega sporting event, like this year’s World Cup in Brazil, is often shrouded by the stigma of exploitation, violence, and human rights concerns surrounding sex workers and the incoming surge of international fans. […]

  • Running FAQ

    Recovering from an Eating Disorder, Chelsey Clammer Reclaims Her Running SelfQuestion: When you’re trapped in the cycle of an eating disorder, where else can you go? Answer: you break boundaries, you learn how to live differently, how to run away from the trap and towards a different dream, perhaps more towards yourself. How my body […]

  • 12 Stretches Every Woman Can Perform at Home for Weight Loss

    When planning to burn fat or lose weight, most people tend to engage in high-intensity cardio workouts simply because this is what the majority think is the right thing to do. However, if you are aiming to build muscle, improve blood circulation, as well as metabolism, simple flexibility exercises can actually be performed. When I […]