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  • Strong Voices, Safe Bodies

    Self-Defense Skills in the Family EnvironmentDefense girl 2 When I say “self-defense” do you imagine that you should train your 18-month-old to be the next Bruce Lee? Holistic self-defense means more than physically fighting back. The core mental, verbal and relationship skills can be taught in developmentally appropriate ways throughout your child’s life, starting at […]

  • 4 Best Healthy Eating Tips for Women to Lose Weight

    When talking about weight loss and healthy eating, one can find a lot of information on the web. However, not all of these actually help. Some parts of the information provided are basically useless and would only serve the purpose of confusing you that is why you have to be very careful when choosing which […]

  • Ten Women’s Sports and Health Pioneers You Should Know

    This Women’s History Month, celebrate the accomplishments of these ten women’s sports and health pioneersRebecca Lee Crumpler, M.D.First African American woman to become a physician crumplerAfter earning her degree, Crumpler worked primarily with former slaves who could not receive medical attention elsewhere. She was as much a missionary as she was a doctor, and the […]

  • 3 Essential Things a Woman’s Diet Should Have to Achieve Fitness Goals

    Tired of getting almost no help from your diet in enhancing your fitness goals? I feel your frustrations and I would like to help you. That being said, I have come up with a list of the 5 essential things that you should incorporate into your diet in order to change your bad diet to […]

  • The Self-Defense Paradox

    Empowerment, Victim Blaming, and Feminist Models of Self-Defenseself-defense, feminism Sometime in 1988, I found my way to a bare-bones studio over a discount store in Brooklyn and the practice of empowerment-model self-defense. I was a women’s studies undergrad at the time and—although I didn’t yet identify as such—a survivor of sexual trauma. Falling in with […]

  • The truth about running and knee health

    It’s no secret that running is a great way to get in shape. But many people are under the impression that running is bad for your knees, and as a result, they avoid this popular form of exercise altogether. In reality, running is one of the best exercises you can do for overall knee health. […]

  • The best way to Warm Up for Track before a Run [tips inside]

    Running is a great way to get in shape, but it’s important to warm up properly before you hit the track. A good warm up will help you avoid injury and run more efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the best way to warm up for track before a run. Table of Contents 1. […]

  • How to keep your overweight heart rate in check

    As the weather starts to warm up, many of us are anxious to start working on our summer bodies. Unfortunately, a lot of people focus on losing weight instead of improving their health. In fact, one of the most important things you can do for your health is to keep your heart rate in check.

  • How to Start Running When You’re Overweight: The Ultimate Guide [2022]

    Trying to start running when you are overweight can be a daunting task. You may not know where to start, or even how to begin. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps I made. I will help you to start running, even if you are obese or carrying a lot of extra […]

  • Chatting with Michelle Tea About Getting Pregnant and the Families We Create

    Ms. Fit Editor Marcia Talks to the Author and Mutha Publishermichelle teaAbout two years ago writer, editor, activist, and counter-culture heroine Michelle Tea decided she wanted to get pregnant. Approaching 40, single and queer, she started chronicling her journey on Since then has met the love of her life, located the very best fabulous […]