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Friday Favorites: Summer D.I.Y.

We love cool D.I.Y. projects; especially when they help us eliminate the need to use gross, toxic, chemical-laden products. These nifty D.I.Y.s offer all-natural options for summer necessities.

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Make Your Own Sunscreen
Natural sunscreen combines UV protector zinc oxide with natural butters and oils to soften skin and protect it from the sun. Zinc oxide powder is available all over the web, (mostly from soap-making providers). All of the other ingredients should be readily available at most health food stores.

Try this recipe from, or this one from Frugally Sustainable.

Make Your Own Insect Repellent
Many D.I.Y. insect repellents contain essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon grass that smell good on you, but is repellent to flying, buzzing and stinging critters.

Try these recipes from Primally Inspired.

Make Your Own Sports Drink
sports drinkIf you are active in the summer, water alone is not enough to keep you healthy — you also need to replace the extra sodium and potassium you are sweating out. Furthermore, extra carbs, through sugar or fructose, provide energy to help power up long workouts.

To make your own sports drink, try this recipe from the Mom’s Going Green blog, or Wellness Mamas recipe (Wellness Mama has loads of great all natural D.I.Y. recipes).

Favorite Summer Facial Masks
We love avocados so much. Not only are they silky, delicious additions to sandwiches, smoothies, and salads, their natural healthy fat content is great for dry skin. Check out this recipe from Vegan Beauty Review or read this funny narrative about avocado masks from XO Jane magazine. For added summer D.I.Y. greatness, place a cucumber slice over your eyes to cool you down and reduce eye puffiness from seasonal allergies.