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How to Choose Healthy Snacks

I was always a picky eater growing up, so when I started college, I knew I had to make some changes. I wanted to make sure I was eating healthy snacks that would give me the energy I needed to get through my classes and stay focused.

At first, I was overwhelmed by all the options. I had no idea what was healthy and what wasn’t. I decided to do some research and figure out what I should be eating.

I started by looking at the nutrition labels on the snacks I was buying. I wanted to make sure I was getting enough protein, fiber, and vitamins. I also looked for snacks that were low in sugar and sodium.

Once I had a better understanding of what I should be eating, I started to make healthier choices. I switched out my chips and candy for nuts, fruits, and vegetables. I also started to make my own snacks, like trail mix and energy bars.

I also started to pay attention to portion sizes. I knew that even healthy snacks could be unhealthy if I ate too much of them. I started to measure out my snacks and make sure I wasn’t overeating.

I also started to look for snacks that were easy to take with me on the go. I found that I could make my own energy bars and trail mix that I could take with me to class or to the library.

Making healthier snack choices has made a huge difference in my life. I have more energy and I’m able to stay focused on my studies. I’m so glad I took the time to learn how to choose healthy snacks.

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