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How to Get Support for Weight Loss

It all started when I was a teenager. I had always been a bit overweight and my mom was always telling me to diet, but I didn’t know how. I was so embarrassed about my weight that I never talked about it with anyone. I tried to ignore it and hope it would go away, but it only got worse.

That’s when I realized I needed help. I knew that if I wanted to make a real change, I had to get support from those around me. So, I started talking to my family and friends about my weight and my goals.

At first, it was hard to open up. I felt embarrassed and scared to talk about it. But as I continued to talk, I started to get more and more support. My mom was especially supportive and started helping me make healthier meals. My friends started exercising with me and gave me tips on how to stick to my diet.

With the help of my family and friends, I was able to make positive changes in my lifestyle. I started eating healthier and exercising more regularly. I also made sure to take breaks and reward myself when I reached a goal.

Since then, I’ve lost a lot of weight and kept it off. I’m still overweight, but I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. I’m so grateful for the support I received from my family and friends. Without them, I don’t think I would have been successful in my weight loss journey.

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