How to be fit

Ms. Fit Manifesto

Are you as sick as we are of mainstream health and fitness magazines that front like they are all about you looking and feeling great but never make you feel great?

Are you annoyed because nobody in mainstream health mags’ pages looks like you, and you can’t afford all the fancy gadgets they say you need to be a whole new you?

And anyway, what’s wrong with the you that you already are?

We, the Ms. Fits, believe that living consciously includes being conscious of the world outside of the yoga or Pilates studio and that our wellness also depends on the wellness of the earth and everyone on the earth;

We believe that reproductive rights are human rights, and all girls and women deserve access to healthy food and active play, and that strong women kick ass.

In a world where women and queer folks are shamed about who they are, about who they love, about liking or disliking sex, about liking food, about their bodies, about their addictions and their recovery;

where access to health care is used for political leverage or considered governmental benevolence instead of a fucking basic human right;

we recognize that being strong and healthy is an act of political defiance against those who would like to see us weak;

and that we all deserve the right to thrive

in all of our




We are the Ms. Fits.