How to be fit

Weight Loss: 12 Stretches Everyone Can Perform at Home

When planning to burn fat or lose weight, most people tend to engage in high-intensity cardio workouts simply because this is what the majority think is the right thing to do.

However, if you are aiming to build muscle, improve blood circulation, as well as metabolism, simple flexibility exercises can actually be performed.

When I say simple, these are exercises that only involve stretches but are actually effective when regularly practiced. This also serves as a good first step towards a workout regime that is more strenuous in nature.

I have made a list of stretching exercises that you should try in order to lose weight. Read on below.

Are they effective?

Before we delve into the details of the stretching exercise that I am talking about, let us talk about why they are effective. First, they help burn calories, which mean that doing these exercises is a lot better than not doing anything.

Second, they help improve your metabolism, which is very important so you can maintain a balance within your system.

12 stretches warm up – 12 Stretches Every Woman Can Perform at Home for Weight Loss

Third, they also help in reducing stress. If you are experiencing stress in your own body, losing weight can be a lot more difficult. So, it is imperative to stay balanced and calm first and that is what the exercises that I am talking about can actually bring you.

Finally, they help ensure that you are gaining muscles. These stretching activities actually get your muscle groups involved, helping you achieve a fitter and stronger body.


This exercise targets your obliques, hips, abs, chest, back, and shoulders.

Seated twist

This exercise impacts some areas in your body including the obliques, abs, and back.


Your abs, back, and hips are being targeted by this particular exercise.


The abs, legs, glutes, and hips are the ones being targeted by this exercise.

Side Lunge

Your hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors are the ones largely affected by this routine.

Inner thigh stretches

Of course, the groin muscles and inner thighs are affected by this routine.

Knee squeezes

If you want to affect your lower, middle, and upper back, this particular workout is right for you.

Triceps stretch

Your abs, triceps, shoulders and back are the ones getting impacted by this routine.

Sitting side bend

These are the areas being targeted by this stretching technique – your abs, back, and oblique.

The Bow

Here, your hips, back, and abs are getting affected.

Downward facing dog

For this stretching routine, your arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs are the ones getting affected.


Your chest, shoulders, hips, obliques, and legs are the ones identified to be targets of this particular routine.

The things mentioned above are simple and easy to execute. In fact, you can do it in the comfort of your own home without having to go outside and still experience favorable outcomes. You can also incorporate other workout tips to get fit.