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  • Make This: Minty Sweet Pea Soup

    This very simple, vegan and gluten-free soup is inspired by mushy peas, the popular English side dish of mint and green peas smashed together. In soup form, the cheery bright green color is early summer in a bowl. The sweetness of the peas is brought out by the refreshing mint and a hint of lemon […]

  • Making the Move: Part Two of Three

    A year ago I told my therapist about my long-lived dream to move to Seattle. She asked, simply, “Why does it have to be a dream? Why can’t you just go?” I recited my usual litany of excuses—How would I sell our house? Where would I find work? What was I even qualified to do?—but […]

  • Making the Move: Seattle

    Part Three of ThreeWhen I was seventeen, I graduated high school a semester early and moved from the Chicago suburbs to Madison, Wisconsin. My desire to escape my problems—depression, drug-addicted and troubled friends, an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend—was so intense I couldn’t even wait the nine months until college started. My mom and my best friend […]


    Portrait artist Riva Lehrer’s groundbreaking work on identity and disability has been exhibited at such prestigious venues as the United Nations, National Women’s Art Museum and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Lehrer has been an invited lecturer throughout the United States and in Europe, and was the […]

  • Ms. Fit Manifesto

    Are you as sick as we are of mainstream health and fitness magazines that front like they are all about you looking and feeling great but never make you feel great? Are you annoyed because nobody in mainstream health mags’ pages looks like you, and you can’t afford all the fancy gadgets they say you […]

  • My Secret Fitness Life

    Here’s my big secret: I work out five days a week. Not that shocking, right? Are you waiting for me to get to the scandalous part, like where I steal priceless works of art so I can bench-press them? No, that’s actually all of it. I am very, very reluctant to tell people I exercise […]

  • 12 Stretches Every Woman Can Perform at Home for Weight Loss

    When planning to burn fat or lose weight, most people tend to engage in high-intensity cardio workouts simply because this is what the majority think is the right thing to do. However, if you are aiming to build muscle, improve blood circulation, as well as metabolism, simple flexibility exercises can actually be performed. When I […]

  • 5 Workout Tips every Woman ‘Fathlete’ should keep in mind for Better Training

    Are you a fat athlete who’s looking for ways to transform your body through an effective workout routine? I am here to tell you that you do not need fancy workouts because all you need is to go back to the basics and check if you really are doing the right thing. Most athletes often […]

  • Running FAQ

    Recovering from an Eating Disorder, Chelsey Clammer Reclaims Her Running SelfQuestion: When you’re trapped in the cycle of an eating disorder, where else can you go? Answer: you break boundaries, you learn how to live differently, how to run away from the trap and towards a different dream, perhaps more towards yourself. How my body […]

  • C C Carter

    What is it that you misunderstand about these hips? my hips? These are my hips- these fifty – two inch hips attached to this thirty-six inch waist are my hips and they tell herstory perhaps you…